Trailer Thoughts 1!

This week a number of trailers popped up, from Mary Poppins Returns to the Grinch. Here are my thoughts on the more popular trailer that came out this week.

Mary Poppins Returns: the teaser was…. well it’s a teaser there isn’t much to say. Although I liked the music used and how it was able to capture the mood of the original in that little time. As for Mary Poppins herself, she appeared for briefly at the end and from that bit we saw I think it’s safe to say that Emily Blunt is going to do a great job.

Christopher Robin: this teaser was unexpected considering the Mary Poppins teaser came out earlier this week. Anyways this teaser did it’s job, I’m intrigued, I already like the ‘look’ of the movie and it stars Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell so already a great start. As for the elephant in the room, in this case it’s Pooh, he looks decent after all this is just the teaser but they should have went with something along the lines of Paddington.

Lost In Space: I knew nothing going into this trailer, I never heard of the show it is adapted from or the movie. From the start I thought it was a movie trailer, I assumed that because of the impressive visuals but then it said: ‘A Netflix Original Series’ and I was even more so impressed. Besides that it didn’t get my attention, I’ll give it a try although.

The Grinch: I really don’t think we need this movie as the animated version from the 60’s is a classic, also there’s Jim Carrey’s version even more so a Christmas icon, so I really don’t see how this will succeed but anyways the trailer showed a new perspective on this character. My first thoughts were that the look of this movie from the clean home he’s living in to the fact that he has an alarm clock with the song Happy say anything but the Grinch. Although the second part of the trailer was better as he get grinch-like again. Perhaps the major problem is that Christmas was barely involved in this teaser, I mean it’s there because of the decorations but that’s it, hopefully we get more in the first trailer

I just realized that I probably shouldn’t have given that much attention to a Dr. Seuss movie teaser trailer. Anyways what did you think of the trailers?

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