So the new Avengers: Infinity Trailer just came out…………….

I mean we still would’ve seen the movie regardless of whether this trailer came out or not. But I’m glad that it did because HOLY INFINITY STONES!

This trailer did a good job of making us realise how big of a threat Thanos is. The Avengers, Guardians well the heroes are clearly struggling to stand up against him and his army and this trailer shows that very well. Also I’m glad that it didn’t give anything away. I love the bit between Peter and Dr. Strange at the end which also reminds me that this is a Marvel movie and not an R-rated serious disaster movie witha big purple guy, however the stakes are high and it will be intense.

I love that there will be flashbacks to Thanos and Gamora, I am excited to see more of their relationship even with Nebula. My only worry is that the film will be too crowded but I have faith in the Russo Brothers so I hope they can pull it off. So anyway I will surely be seeing this in 3D. What did you think? Also where are Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Wasp?

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