Legion: Chapter 10 Recap & Review!

Chapter 10 is directed by Ana Lily Amirpour. In this review there will be spoilers obviously since it’s also a recap. To recap from earlier David gets a message from future Syd telling him to help Farouk get to his original body.

The episode starts with David agreeing to help him find his body and in typical Legion fashion it gets straight to the point. David takes Division 3 to the desert where Oliver as a diversion. The team notices something is off and start to question how loyal David is. In my opinion this episode felt more like Legion than the first episode did. To be honest the first episode took some getting used to with the overall new feel of Season 2 and this episode did a good job of giving it’s utmost importance to substance over style. Most times when I watch I almost never understand anything until the episode ends and I can recollect my thoughts and piece bit by bit in my head. This episode however I understood the majority of because it had a continuous focus on what was happening.

I like how in this episode it’s not David and friends but it actually focuses on the others unlike the first episode. When Lenny got to Cary something happened and they couldn’t enter each other so automatically we got more screen-time with those two. This was needed to get us (the viewers) to see these characters as something other than mutants who are David’s allies, they have a life of their own and we didn’t get to see a lot of that in Season 1 so these little moments with both Cary’s were a step up in terms of character development. Another character which got more screen-time than last episode was Melanie. We saw how she coped with Oliver leaving but in this episode she steps up and in this one scene where she’s talking with David she says this great line:

“We all die eventually, but the real tragedy is forgetting to live.”

At one point David convinces Cary to increase the intensity of the tests which he does and he is able to talk to future Syd again. She appears to be surprised and glad to see him again. She tells him that he will murder Farouk in a week from her timeline. She also makes it very clear that without Farouk the teeth chattering plague cannot be stopped so a dilemma arises. Does he kill Farouk along with millions in the process or does he let him live and possibly lose but save millions of people?

After this happens David actually visits Farouk and they have a proper introduction. Farouk as played by Navid Negahban is already intriguing and smart, he looks to be a great villain. And yet again with this being Legion instead of having an actual mutant battle, we are given a wrestling match which I guess works, I mean if the dance battles work why can’t a wrestling match work? After they come to an agreement and David leaves, Lenny appears, What I love about this scene is that it show a side of Lenny we have never seen before: the vulnerable side. She wants a different human body so that she can live her own life but Farouk basically tells her it’s waste.

The ending of the episode was weirdly placed in my opinion. David only tells Syd about her future counterpart in the last few minutes of the episode. It’s an odd choice but that’s not the only odd thing. When he does tell her, she tells him that he should trust her future self because she thinks it’s safe since it’s herself. I don’t know why anyone would think that but the show has to continue one way or another. Then the episode ends.

Overall this episode was entertaining and easy to follow, it explained the circumstances and the situations these characters are facing better than episode 1.


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