Trailer Thoughts 3!


So lately a lot of trailer have been dropping. A LOT. From animated movies to comedies to comic book movies and remakes on so on. Because there are a lot to talk about I will be talking about each trailer in no more than four sentences.

I’ll start with the most talked about trailer out of all these which is the Venom trailer.

Venom: I wasn’t going to talk about this trailer, there really wasn’t that much to talk about except for the reveal at the end which was decent. Other than that it looks like a mediocre action movie that we’ll forget in a week. Not exactly looking forward to this.

Teen Titans Go to the Movies: I hate the show with a passion but I tried to keep an open mind about the movie. The other trailers didn’t intrigue me or impress me in any way, it felt like a feature-length episode from the show but the first official trailer was actually funny and interesting. The movie knows that nobody takes these versions of the Teen Titans seriously. It makes fun of other DC movies and even pokes Marvel. So for now I don’t think it will be horrible but it won’t be great, maybe decent.

Robin Hood: Huge fan of the casts so the movie already has that going for it. Worst title font ever. Looks a bit boring to be honest, I hope I’m proven wrong. I won’t go in to this movie expecting a masterpiece, I’ll be satisfied even it’s a movie with great action and a decent plot with intriguing characters, I wouldn’t even mind if it was a guilty pleasure movie. I just don’t want it to suck completely so try your best movie!

The Spy Who Dumped Me: Big fan of the main two actresses, they have great comedic timing and honestly this movie looks like a lot of fun, like one of those movies you go to knowing you can turn off for two hours and enjoy a fun and funny movie. Hope it’s good. So far so great, loved both of the trailers also Gillian Anderson is in it so that’s a bonus.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Love the song and the band so looking forward to it. This trailer convinced me, it looks really good, the acting especially from Rami Malek I can already tell will be Oscar-worthy. The best thing about it is that it isn’t your typical dark Oscar bait documentary movie, it actually looks fun!

What are your thoughts about these trailers? Which ones will you see?


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