Deadpool – Movie Review!

Deadpool-Movie-Tops-Amazon-Romance-ChartDeadpool is directed by Tim Miller and this is his directorial debut. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein and T.J. Miller. This film follows Wade Wilson on his journey to becoming Deadpool. Even though it is an origin story, it doesn’t feel like something we’ve ever seen before and not because it’s rated R but instead because of the style the story is told in.

After seeing how this film got made, I admire Ryan Reynolds for what he did for this movie. If it weren’t for him on and off screen I am positive that it would have never been the success that it was. From the ‘leaked’ test footage, everyone knew that this would change the game for superhero and it did! Not only did it pave the way for Logan to get made but it showed that a superhero movie can be successful at the box office even if it is rated R and this film definitely earns the R rating. It’s gory and nasty in all the right ways. The opening scene is iconic, there’s no question about it. From the hilarious credits to the way the shot slowly reveals what is happening. It sets the mood for the whole film perfectly. Speaking of tones, I love how even though the film goes back and forth the tone never suffers. The back and forth storytelling technique isn’t new. We’ve seen it done countless times before but it was never done in a superhero origin story and it worked perfectly. Instead of showing you the whole movie chronologically it uses the technique to even out the serious tone (the past) with the more humoristic tones of the present time in the film.

As I said Reynolds works magic not only off-screen but even more so on-screen. You know how certain actors have defining roles or the role that they truly made their own and that no one can replace them like RDJ as Iron Man. This is the case with Reynolds as Deadpool. He brings the humor, the wit, the charm and everything. Most importantly he doesn’t go too far with the jokes and make Deadpool seem like a joke to an extent where no one can take him seriously. He takes this eccentric and unpredictable character and humanizes him while still keeping the fun and humor to his personality. This film could be considered to be a character study. The character is so entertaining, iconic and he’s presented with a fresh take. We see him go trough hell and back while still keeping all of the positive elements of his characters.

Another great character is Dopinder. He tries to steal every scene he’s in but he really cannot compete against Reynolds. He provides a lot of great humor. He is an essential part of the success of the movie. The same goes for T.J. Miller’s character, him and Reynolds work off each other really well. That can also be said for Baccarin and Reynolds. They make Wade and Vanessa a realistic flawed but madly in love couple. They have great ‘chemistry’ and their relationships was one of the best aspect of the film. In truth this film is a love story and it doesn’t shy away from the cheesy romance. Their romance is the heart of the film. In fact I was surprised by the emotional aspects of their romance, I was never expecting that from this raunchy violent movie. I felt like the secondary character only had a few moments but they never really got anything to do but then again this is Deadpool’s story. As for the villain, Skrein did a good job with the character but he was never seen as a threat and his only defining characteristics were his name and the fact that he can’t feel anything.

The final battle in my opinion took too long to end, it took too long to get to the important parts. Also the ending was really cliche’d which I guess is expected from a movie like this. Not sating it was bad but it was really predictable. In fact the whole third act felt a bit predictable. Then again we go to see movies like this to turn off our brains for two hours and have fun which this movie delivers on. It’s a fun ride till the very end.

Finally, Deadpool is a fun movie anyone can watch (well unless you’re younger than 15), it’s funny, it has emotion, gory action and memorable characters.


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