Summer Movie Season in 2018!



Summer is just around the corner, this means no school, swimming, barbecues, cold drinks and relaxation. What better way is there to relax on a hot summer day than spending 2 hours in an air-conditioned room watching a movie? This summer movies season definitely offers a lot of great options. I didn’t include Infinity War for the simple reason that it already came out and it most people have already seen it.

I love how many genres there are, usually it’s just action, comedies and maybe a horror movie. This year however there are a lot from where to choose.

For Animation we have the much anticipated The Incredibles 2 to look forward to and the sequel literally no one asked for Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. I do like the Hotel Transylvania series but they were great because they used the Halloween theme to the extreme whereas this one looks like it will stray from that as much as possible. Then we have Teen Titans Go to the Movies which will hopefully somehow actually be good. If all else fails we still have the Incredibles 2!

For Superhero Movies summer is obviously a great season to release them. This year we have the follow up to Ant-Man called Ant-Man and the Wasp. I can’t wait for this to come out, I loved the first one. Deadpool 2 has just come out and it’s been getting great reviews so hoping to see that soon. As mentioned there are also The Incredibles 2 and Teen Titans go the Movies.

There will be a few comedies coming out, for instance the film Book Club has just come out. This summer will also feature comedies like Ocean’s 8, Tag, The Spy who Dumped Me and Crazy Rich Asians. There is also the somewhat anticipated release of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.

As usual summer time means a lot of action movies for some reason. This summer wehave Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper, Hotel Artemis, the highly anticipated sixth entry in the Mission Impossible series: Fallout and The Meg. Also the sequel to the hit Sicario called Day of the Soldado. Also while it’s also not really an action film per say there is Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Horror won’t be featured as much but the horror films that will come out you won’t want to miss! Following the comeback of horror with A Quiet Place earlier this year, Hollywood will give us the critically acclaimed ‘Hereditary‘. It’s being compared to classics like The Exorcist so put that on your to watch list if you love horror. Then we have the anticipated sequel to Jurassic World called Fallen Kingdom. I put this film in the horror section as the director said he wants to take this franchise to horror with this film and from the trailers it looks like he is preparing the scares quite well. Then there are The First Purge and Slender Man which I think won’t be received quite well.

And last but not least there are the artsy movies which are a breath of fresh air in all of these blockbusters and Hollywood extravaganzas. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? will come out in June. We also these critically acclaimed gems to look forward to: Eight Grade, Hot Summer Nights, Sorry to Bother You and Never Goin’ Back. I can’t wait to watch some of these. Which limited release movie are you anticipating?

That covers the whole summer of 2018! Which ones are on your radar?

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