Legion: Chapter 11 Recap & Review!

Chapter 11 is directed  by Sarah Adina Smith. There will be spoilers for this episode. To recap from last episode, David tells Syd about her future self and her message and she tells him that he should listen to her (future self). The basic plot of this episode is that everyone is out to get the monk especially David and Farouk now that the mok has escaped. Unfortunately it is revealed that it wasn’t Farouk who is infecting people but it was the monk himself and he is infecting all of Division 3 including David’s friends.

Now that I went online and actually made sense of what certain scenes meant and why they are there and their chronological setting I appreciate it a lot more. Even before I did go searching this episode felt more fast paced and ‘straight to the point’. By that I mean that it was very simple, David and his friends need to get to the monk.

The first actual scene (excluding the Jon Hamm narrated opening) show us the exact moment Farouk lost against David’s father and how the monks kept his body. When I watched this scene for the first time I had no clue as to what was happening but it was shot beautifully so I still payed attention. Because of what happened in the last episode Cary is teaching Kerry how to be a human naturally teaching her how to eat and how to get rid of it. The awkward sense made for some humorous scenes. We really didn’t get enough screen time with these two in Season 1 so I am glad we’re getting to see more of their relationship now. The episode continues with Syd in a cat’s body wandering about Division 3 when she stumbles a few Division 3 people and it is announced that the monk has somehow escaped so they put Division 3 in lock-down.

David goes through the water procedure again to talk to Farouk and he is met with Lenny who  is desperately trying to get out and live in a human body so she can do what she wants. She can’t commit suicide as we see that when she tries she fails as if the Shadow King doesn’t want her to do it. After the procedure is done and he wakes up he finds out that he is alone because the monk started to infect people with virus. He first runs into Cary who hasn’t been infected and they go searching for the others. They first run into Ptonomy and they enter his mind. When David wakes him up from the virus and the place behind starts to sort of blow up it made for a brilliant shot especially with the colors used. David and Cary’s striking blue shirts match perfectly with the green background and also the placing of everything is perfect. It’s the shot I used for the thumbnail but here is the full shot.Related image

Then they find Melanie and they go into her mind. It’s all black and there’s nothing but a wireless computer keyboard. After communicating via the keyboard and they eventually find her they go to find the remaining members of their team.  David gets kidnapped by the monk and Cary find the other Kerry but infected with the virus. Since he can’t merge with her he disappears. The monk tells David about Farouk and his body via memory sharing. He then commits suicide by jumping off the building and David sees Syd who is sadly infected as well. The episode ends with David going into her mind.

I liked this episode, this season is really starting to grow on me, hopefully it continues to be this level of quality.



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