The Movie Ending that has everyone talking.

This article will contain major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, you have been warned.


Where do I begin? Everyone went in wanting to know who will die but the real question we needed to ask was “How many?” If we are being honest, everyone thought that either Steve or Tony would die. Boy were we wrong. The way the last couple of scenes were executed were utter perfection. I am going to discuss from the moment when Doctor Strange sacrifices the Time Stone for Tony’s life.

From then on it seemed like there was no hope left for the heroes. It is from here that we sense that something terrible is about to happen. Back in Wakanda Cap, T’Challa and the others are fighting the rest of the Black Order, Thor, Rocket and Groot arrive and lend a helping hand. Shuri is desperately trying to seperate the Mind Stone from Vision and time is running out. Vision ends up somewhere near the others as a result of an attack. The Black Order dies and all of a sudden the heroes feel something bad coming. It’s then when Thanos with five out of six Infinity Stones makes his grand entrance. Everything has been leading to this. Wanda and Vision agree to destroy the stone (unfortunately along with Vision) and she succeeds only to find out that Thanos has the Time Stone and reverses time. This was a brilliant move, Thanos already lost everything he won’t let a machine get in his way yet he still feels pity for Wanda having to relate since he sacrificed someone that he loved as well. Now with all the Infinity Stones Thanos is the most powerful man in the universe and he is about to do the unthinkable. Suddenly Thor’s Stormbreaker comes flying out of the sky heading towards Thanos and ultimately stabbing him. Here the audience feels some sort of false hope. Thor drives the hammer into Thanos and with his breath cut short he says the now infamous quote:

“You should’ve gone for the head.”  – Thanos

Then he did what he promised he would do and snapped his fingers. I think it’s safe to say that Josh Brolin just made snapping fingers an iconic cinematic gesture. From here on out the audience (including myself) is in complete utter shock and disbelief. After snapping his fingers Thanos is transported to an orange place which people believe is the Soul Stone as young Gamora is there. The few words these two share are heartbreaking, it is made abundantly clear that Thanos did lose everything. The dull expression on Thanos and his interaction with the young Gamora act like a sort of punishment to remind him what he had to sacrifice: Everything. It cost everything. For a brief moment it looks like everything is fine but then White Wolf/Bucky turns into dust and that’s when we knew that s*it hit the fan. One by one different Avengers and Guardians start to disappear along with millions of people. Never have I actually kept my mouth open as a result of shock and disbelief in the cinema but when something like this happens, you kinda have to.

The two most painful deaths to watch were easily Peter P. and Groot’s deaths. When Peter said “I don’t feel so good” I couldn’t believe what Marvel was about to do. They wouldn’t kill off Steve or Tony (not that I want them to) but they would kill of Spider-Man? To be honest I was on the verge of tears when he started to cry for dear life. It was traumatizing for these young children to see their favorite heroes turn into ashes one by one but to see Spider-Man crying “I don’t want to go” while slowly disintegrating is just cruel. I heard a bunch of kids crying. Then I heard a group of teenage girls at the back sobbing saying “No” under their breath. The Groot death wasn’t as harsh but it was still sad to see a cute tree character dying. Also to put salt to the wound James Gunn revealed that Groot’s last words were “Dad”.

The one shot that was brutally devastating is Tony almost completely alone on Titan only with Nebula holding his own hand trying to cope with what just happened. The colors of destruction in the background and Tony’s expression were cinematic gold. This is how you end a story like this. Yes it was dark but we were warned. My other favorite shot from the whole movie is the final shot with Thanos looking at the sun setting on a grateful universe. It was perfect. To make things even better the credits were just black and white movie credits with Thanos’s theme playing in the background. Kids were crying, fans where at disbelief and parents were in genuine shock thinking it was going to be a family-friendly movie. It was amazing to see. It’s one of my favorite endings to a movie period. It’s that good.

Below is a video of an american audience reacting to the movie, it’s hilarious and it shows how great Marvel is for being capable of pulling of such a movie.

Avengers: Infinity War is in cinemas everywhere now. 

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