Thoroughbreds – Movie Review


Thoroughbreds is written and directed by Cory Finley. Without spoiling a single detail with the exception of the basic premise, this movie is about two opposites, ‘one feels nothing, the other feels everything’ as the trailer puts it. That’s all you need to know going into this movie, it’s one of the more surprising movies I’ve ever seen. This movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke, Anton Yelchin, Paul Sparks and Francie Swift.

To be truly honest I don’t know where to begin reviewing such a movie. I mean that third act just left me speechless.  I guess I’ll start with the negatives so I can end this review on a positive note. The first act is pretty slow considering you don’t own all the pieces to form the puzzle. That’s it. I don’t believe there are any other flaws, this is a really well-made film from the unique story to the award deserving performances from the leads.

As I said it’s first act is a bit slow but with scene it builds up and up to something bigger. I was actually surprised by how invested I was in the third act. I love movies which set up an event and the whole movie is leading up to it’s payoff. Sometimes it doesn’t work but when it does it makes for some great storytelling. This movie’s event payoff was unique and shocking and leaves you wondering. The story moves in a nontraditional way, you think it’s going a certain direction but it goes the other way. Part of that has to do with these unique characters, they too are unusual so it’s exciting to see where they go with it.

Anya Taylor-Joy gives a great performance but Olivia Cooke steals this movie. Cooke plays the girl who doesn’t feel anything and she plays it so well. Her performance was convincing from her facial expressions to her tone of voice. Another great performance was given by the late Anton Yelchin who plays a broke but optimistic man who has unrealistic goals. He added a lot to the second act of the movie, his character definitely gave the movie a boost. This movie was also shot very beautifully, certain shots stand out from the others really well.

To be honest I really have no clue as to what I want to write next, it’s a good movie, you should watch it. There’s something about this movie which I can’t describe and that’s not necessarily a compliment. It’s a bit plain to describe if that makes sense. Also I can’t give anything away so there’s that as well. I wouldn’t say this movie deserves a spoiler review only because only one major thing happens in this entire movie. I really don’t know what to think of this movie other than that I enjoyed it.


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