Trailer Thoughts 4!

What a week for trailers! Hollywood looks to be offering us a promising fall this year as trailers for this year’s fall releases have debuted. From animated movies to thrillers and action packed movies. We have a taste of everything as you can see. I am going to follow the format of the previous Trailer Thoughts so I will write my brief thoughts for each trailer. I’ll start from the most anticipated to the least.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: I love the first one so I’m excited to see this one although this trailer seemed to promote more of the references and easter eggs than the actual plot of the film. Don’t get me wrong I love me some references but I hope there’s more story than references to the internet. I don’t want to have two Ready Player Ones. Ralph Breaks the Internet needs to distinguish itself from Ready Player One and The Emoji Movie. Nevertheless I am still super excited to see it.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Again I love the first one so I am eager for the sequel. This looks like the right sequel to make, it looks bigger and better without being too full. It has a mediocre story so far from what we know but it doesn’t look like it will ruin the experience. With Paul Rudd and Michael Pena it looks to be one of the funniest movies of the year and Evangeline Lilly looks awesome and badass as the Wasp.

Suspiria: I heard that this was a remake so I went and saw the trailer for the older version then I saw this one. They both look creepy but they have an elegance to them which makes for some interesting tones. The new one looks amazing visually, I love the use of the colours especially red. As for Dakota Johnson I have never seen her in anything so I can’t say whether or not she will add a lot to the movie but there’s Tilda Swinton to pick the movie up it needs to.

Night School: It looks funny but I have a big feeling the trailer showed the best parts already. Also I could tell from the trailer that some of the humour won’t stick and it’ll be awkward to see. For example the scene with Kevin Hart pretending he has a baby in the car was cringy. On the bright side it has Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish so it can’t be that bad. I am looking forward to it, it looks like a fun time.

Peppermint: Jennifer Garner as a male version of the guy from Taken? Hell yes! Right? Well this movie could go one of two ways. Either it’ll be a surprisingly good thriller like John Wick or it will go in the direction of Taken and it’ll go downhill. From this trailer I can’t say but it looks like a decent action movie so far.

Bumblebee: I mean, where can you go after five consecutive failures? This prequel will either make or break this franchise. I am glad that they chose Hailee Steinfeld who can actually act. However this story looks all too familiar but I guess it can’t be as bad as the last five right? Also what an odd release date, this movie is coming out near Christmas, it would have benefited more if it was released in August or September.

Mortal Engines: From the teaser I was intrigued but then the full trailer comes out and it changed my mind in less than two minutes. While it looks interesting visually the story and the characters look dull and cliched. Can’t say I’m looking forward to this one.

What movies are you excited to see this fall?

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