Avengers: Infinity War crosses 2 Billion worldwide!

Marvel is making it rain! This week Avengers: Infinity War became the fourth ever in cinematic history to cross over into the 2 Billion dollar club. What does this mean for Marvel and Disney?

For Marvel this is essentially a milestone, it’s everything they wanted and more. To be honest I think it could even beat The Force Awakens as well. For Disney this is both a good and bad milestone. It’s good because it’s their second movie to get to 2 Billion but both are from brands which they purchased and not one of their original brands like animation and live-action fairy-tales. So far Disney has half of the top 10 worldwide grossing movies. Four of them are Marvel movies with the Avengers trilogy and Black Panther and the other one is from Star Wars being The Force Awakens.

This doesn’t mean that Disney wouldn’t be successful without those brands because just below the top 10 there are Frozen and the live-action Beauty and the Beast also Finding Dory, Zootopia and the live-action Alice in Wonderland all made over a billion. So their animation game is getting stronger. Even The Jungle Book remake almost made it to a billion. Their only problem is that they haven’t found that one element which could get them to the top without the help of Marvel or Star Wars. So far Disney thinks that musicals and live-action fantasies are all the rave because of La La Land and Beauty and the Beast but that theory will be proved this December with their upcoming Mary Poppins Returns.

This was just a small post, I just wanted to get my thoughts and facts out on. Do you think Disney would survive without Marvel and Star Wars and vice-versa. Do you think that Disney is at it’s best like this or can it go higher without those brands?


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