How the World Cup will affect Summer Movie season for Europe.

Way to go, World Cup, you single handedly ruined the Summer Movie Season for Europe and we movie fans are not happy!

As most of you know Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom came out almost a month earlier in Europe than in the US, that was to avoid clashing with the World Cup so Universal Studios can make the money overseas before the World Cup starts since it’s a huge event in Europe. This tactic worked for Universal as Fallen Kingdom opened with a $151 million debut. The real question is how will it affect upcoming movies specifically those coming out in June and July. Well let’s just say Disney won’t be happy about this.

The Incredibles 2 which comes out on the 15th of June in the US will hit UK cinemas on the 13th of July almost a month after. This is a huge bummer as spoilers could leak very easily. In Italy, German and Turkey it won’t hit cinemas till late September, Yikes! Another Disney project, a little movie called Ant-Man and the Wasp (humor) will also be affected in a similar way. While US audiences get to see them on the 6th of July which is the Independence Day weekend with the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday, Europe will get to see Ant-Man and the Wasp almost a month after with the movie hitting cinemas on the 3rd of August in the UK and a week and a bit after in Italy and Portugal. Obviously with the Infinity War having just demolished the box-office will this have a massive impact on Marvel and Disney?


Also if you’ve noticed the lack of movie reviews it’s because I’ve seen the majority of what they’re showing unless you want a Show Dogs review. Ocean’s 8 comes out next Monday and Hereditary also hasn’t come out. Unfortunately the smaller movies are going to suffer as well. Upgrade which has been out for almost two weeks at the US won’t come out in the UK till early September. Hotel Artemis comes out in late July.


Oddly enough Russia’s release dates won’t be affected that much, not for the big movies at least. So is there a movie which you’re anticipating that will get pushed forward? Do you live in Europe, if so are the release dates that different from the US?


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