Tangled: The Series – Season 1 Review!

Before I start this review I really urge you to read it instead of saying “this is just a kids show”, give this one a chance. If you even just liked the first movie at all you’ll like this show as well. While it does have it’s fair share of childish moments, it also has some mature moments and the arc of the show is really intriguing.

Tangled: The Series is developed by Chris Sonnenburg & Shane Pigmore and it follows the TV Movie: Tangled: Before Ever After as Rapunzel has to figure out how her infamous hair has grown back and how to settle into her new life as the Princess of Corona. It features the voice talents of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Eden Espinosa and Jeremy Jordan.

I only watched Tangled only once like five years ago, I remember liking it but not really feeling impressed all that much, it was there and I enjoyed it but that’s it. Then that short came out and I saw that, it was hilarious and fun short and I suggest watching it. Then I heard the soundtrack for the movie and I was blown away, (I mean it’s Alan Menken). It made me look at the movie in a whole new perspective. Then I started appreciating it a lot more. Disney then announced they would make a TV Movie and an animated series and all I thought was that they would dumb it down for the younger audience and it would become like The Lion Guard or something. I saw the TV Movie and I was a bit worried that that might be the case but for the most part I enjoyed it. After that I immediately started the show which is a whole other story.

I am honestly surprised by how much I was invested by the time I saw the Season 1 finale. I binged the show in just three days (movie included). So what made me come back for more? A lot of things, the gorgeous animation which makes the show  look like a moving painting. The music by the genius Alan Menken who also wrote the music for the first movie, he and Glenn Slater added a lot to the show. The plot of the show was perhaps the most worrisome aspect of all but gladly it was executed very well and the show had an actual plot not just Rapunzel’s daily adventures. I love how they don’t ignore the events of the first movie or the setting. No spoilers but certain places appear in this show and they are not wasted, they are used wisely and they are related to the plot which is the most important part after all.

If this show has any flaw, actually it’s more of a nitpick but it would be that of being on Disney Channel and being primarily targeted to children. By this I mean that while this show has an interesting plot, the show does stop multiple times to give us more and more filler episodes. Some of these episodes are cute and children will definitely enjoy them but for more mature audiences these episodes can be skipped. As I said there are heartwarming filler episodes, not all of them are boring and useless. This show also introduces a lot of new characters particularly Cassandra (portrayed by Espinosa) and Varian (portrayed by Jordan) and while I am a huge fan of Varian, Cassandra falls under the badass best friend who is mean to the other characters cliche. Although having a strong female character is another bonus for the show as there are no male princes or big strong men who save the princesses so it broke that cliche, a trend which followed from the first Tangled.

I highly suggest watching these episodes AFTER watching Tangled: Before Ever After (which explains how she got her hair back) then you can watch these. The others are filler episodes or not as important, some of them are chores to watch but some of them are genuinely sweet. These episode I listed here are the ones that have to do with the main plot of the show, these are the must-watch episodes:

  • What the Hair!?
  • Great Expectations
  • Pascal’s Story
  • Queen for a Day
  • Painter’s Block
  • The Quest for Varian
  • The Alchemist Returns
  • Secrets for the Sundrop.

I am planning to wrote about Varian and how and why he became my favourite character. It will be filled with spoilers as it will include why he adds a lot to the show in terms of maturity so I will head into spoiler territory.

Finally the first season of Tangled: The Series has a lot to offer and in my opinion this goes on to continue the streak of great animated shows that Disney has been giving these past couple of years. Its gorgeous animation reflects it’s charming protagonist. The passionate and sentimental music adds a layer of maturity that a show like this would need. It’s not aimed for children only and I really hope I convinced you to try watching, if you watch the episodes I listed you are in for a treat.



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