Riverdale: Season 2 – TV REVIEW!



Riverdale is developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and it’s a TV Show based on the famous Archie Comics only the show takes a far more dark and angsty turn. Yes the love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica is still somewhat present sometimes and Jughead still loves burgers but this time the town of Riverdale is under the attack of the Black Hood and it’s up to Archie and his friends to stop him. It stars K.J. Apa, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse and Madelaine Petsch.

This is one of the few shows I started from the very beginning, I watched the first episode just for having seen it and I while I wasn’t totally won over I decided to continue and it got better and better by the end of it I was a huge fan so I couldn’t wait for the second season. What worried me was the episode limit, Season 1 had 13 episodes, Season 2 has 22 episodes. Normally when that happens, the story and the show suffer and unfortunately this wasn’t an exception. I was intrigued and invested for the most part but it came to a point where it felt finishing a chore, I eventually stopped watching 10 episodes in. I knew I would continue it but I let the season finish so I could binge-watch it because with a show like this, which almost ends on a cliffhanger every time, binge-watching is much better.

I’m going to start from the negatives.  This season is a mess. Period. It ditches one of it’s two villains to then make them return a couple episodes before the finale. There is a bunch of stupid teenage drama. The first season’s plot was simple, a murder occurs and it’s a mystery to be solved. This season doesn’t know what to do with it’s extended episode number. Sometimes secondary characters get more screen-time and it’s great to see but there are also episodes entirely dedicated to the main four just dealing with their unrelatable problems. For example the episode, “The Hills Have Eyes” is literally the main four characters staying in a log cabin having “fun”.

One unfortunate aspect the show suffers from is cringe-inducing dialogue, this show provides some of the worst dialogue ever. You know how in Stranger Things the kids swear which makes them feel more realistic since kids actually swear, the teens in this show say some of the weirdest things no one would even think of saying in real life. Some of the characters that I liked from the first season I couldn’t stand this season. They take all the characters and give them new bizarre stuff to do and you think to yourself ‘Is this the right show?’. One of the biggest flaws in my opinion is the portrayal of adults. The adults in this show are even stupider than the teenagers! You would think that the show did that on purpose to make you see that the younger characters are the brighter people but with characters like these almost nobody in this fictional town has some common sense.

That being said I actually like this show! I know that it’s not the top quality entertainment it thinks it is but when you accept the show for what it is, you can enjoy it a lot more. It did seem like I hate the show after all those negative comments but I do praise the show in other areas. In my opinion the characters of Riverdale are some of the most iconic looking characters in modern television. True they are based off the original comic book designs but they so effortlessly made the iconic looks fit into the show, from Jughead’s beanie to Josie’s cat ears. They never seem out of place. This show features a small town full of secrets where murder occurs occasionally. Where have you heard that before? Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls. Fortunately this show doesn’t seem like a copy of those two, I would know I’ve seen both those shows. Just as those tow have their own unique feel, Riverdale succeeds in feeling fresh and having it’s own uniqueness. From the iconic locations and look of the show to the narration and the music. One benefit of almost always ending on cliffhanger is addiction. I binged the rest of the episodes in under a day. Some of the cliffhangers do pay off, some do not. I personally don’t think that the season finale cliffhanger was worth ending a whole season on it.

I love what they did with Cheryl, in most of season 1 she was your typical high school bitch but I am so glad that they turned her into something other than that. Her character is more complex, she has layers and I’m glad we got to see another side of her. In my opinion the character who steals every scene they’re in and steals the show itself in my opinion is Alice Cooper played by Mädchen Amick. She has the best lines and she delivers them with so much sass, it’s amazing. In my opinion secondary characters like these are way more interesting and entertaining than the main characters.

I believe that this show has an audience and the show knows it as well so it appeals best to them, this show is not for everyone. Some might find it annoying and cliched, others might be obsessed but one thing’s for sure, the CW is doing something right because the second season actually got more views than the first.

Riverdale: Season 2 does not match up to the first season. It’s messy story get in the way and the characters aren’t as charming as they were. The mystery isn’t as interesting this time and with it’s extended number episodes, it makes it even worse. Like in the first season we have an under-developed villain only this time there are two. However this show is entertaining for the most part and once you accept it for what it is, it becomes a lot more fun to watch. I will be back to watch Season 3 but hopefully it’s a better constructed season. Even though it’s addicting, it doesn’t make it good.


Riverdale: Season 2 comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray in August. Pre-Order available.

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