What I liked about The Flash: Season 4!

Now I may have come off a bit harsh on my Season 4 review of The Flash but I really love this show and I was immensely disappointed by this season. However that’s not why I am writing, I am going to look on the bright side and comment on what I actually liked about Season 4.



The Flash’s New Costume

I love this costume, it resembles the original costume from the comics a lot. The brighter red works, it doesn’t look ridiculous at all. It gives you the impression of a hero and all the things a hero is associated with like hope and justice. It’s an amazing costume, period.


DeVoe and Marlize’s Relationship 

I actually really liked their scenes together. They were a believable couple (before Thinker) and I was invested in their relationship. The show made made me empathize with Marlize. It was interesting to see how she fell out of his trance at the end of the season. The writers said that this season was the story of their tragic love story. In my opinion they should’ve focused a bit more on them if that was the case but nonetheless I enjoyed their story


Enter Flashtime

I love this episode so so much. Easily my favourite episode of the past two seasons. From the amazing shots to the story to the music, this episode has it all. I was truly amazed by it after all the declining quality of the past episodes. It reminded me of how much I love this show. It dived into the Speedster mythology which is always great to see and we should see more of it. Grant Gustin‘s performance proves again why he was chosen to play this amazing hero. I could go on and on but I think I made my point.


The Trial of The Flash

I loved the arc with Barry going to prison. It was fresh and it was brilliant, the way it was set up with the murder of DeVoe. We get to see Barry being pushed to the limit emotionally, how much can this man take? It was also ironic, how he is going through the same exact thing his father went through. The only difference is that Barry could get out but he shows us how much of a hero he is by staying till proven innocent legally. I do wish the whole Amunet bit wasn’t there but apart from that, I didn’t mind this storyline.

Related image

Hopefully Season 5’s list will be longer than this one. Comic-Con is nearing which means that so is the Season 5 trailer. Can’t wait to see it.

What did you like about Season 4? Are you excited for Season 5!



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