Trailer Thoughts 6!

This will be the final Trailer Thoughts before Comic-Con hits next week. As usual I picked the latest trailers and I say a bit about them in the order of Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated.

Life Itself – I love Dan Fogelman‘s work! He wrote Crazy, Stupid Love and is the genius behind my favourite show, This Is Us. I love the trailer, it promises to be a heartwarming and heartbreaking look at life and love and I can’t wait to cry and laugh. I’m a sucker for these types of movies and when it’s being made by someone I trust, I can’t not be excited. Also what a cast! Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Cooke and Antonio Banderas.

A Simple Favor – This movie had me intrigued from the teaser. This is brought to us by Paul Feig who is known for movies like Bridesmaids, Spy and Ghostbusters which are all comedies but this promises to show Feig’s dark side. This is a dark mystery movie, with secrets, affairs and all that. The one aspect which intrigues me a lot is Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively‘s characters and their relationship. I will definitely check this one out!

Colette – If Keira Knightley is in any movie, I’m watching. She is in my opinion one of the best actresses working today. Aside from wanting to watch it for that reason, the story looks interesting, it’s based on a true story. I like period piece movies and this one looks to capture the era it’s in very well. Looks good so far and it got raving reviews from Sundance so there’s that. I’ll have to check it out for myself.

Mary Queen of Scots – A movie with both Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie has to be good. The trailer was epic and if the movie is anything like the trailer then we are in for a treat. As performances go, it looks like the leads will exceed expectations. As I said I love period piece movies and this movie is going all out to look authentic and artistic as possible. It’s at this position because I can’t tell if it’ll be good from this trailer. I’ll have to see it.

Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween – I love Halloween, it’s up there with Christmas for me. I love anything related to it. For some reason or another I never saw the first Goosebumps. This trailer, while filled with all the Halloween goodness one would hope for, is a bit concerning. Where is Jack Black? Also the characters look so average it’s like they’re from Scream. I don’t know if I’ll see this in cinemas.


Which one will you be seeing?

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