Comic-Con 2018: Glass Trailer Discussion!

vlcsnap-2018-07-21-01h39m11s179Ooooooh, this looks amazing!

I have to say, I wasn’t excited all that much when I first saw Split and I found out about the twist but now after having seen the trailer, I AM SOLD!

Even though I have yet to see Unbreakable, I will definitely see it now! James McAvoy is bringing back his iconic role which I hope he gets noticed for this time. The person who I’m really excited to see is Sarah Paulson. I really like her as a person in general and she’s a great actress so I’m intrigued to see how big her role will be.


Speaking of McAcoy, he looks like his role will be even crazier to tackle than the first time. McAvoy proved time and time that he is more than capable of handling such a role and I’m seriously creeped out by his performance in this trailer alone. I think that we’ll get a chance to see his other personalities, the ones we didn’t see in Split in this one and if that’s the case, I’m excited to see what McAvoy brings to the table.


Also from the trailer alone I am loving Samuel L. Jackson‘s character, Mr. Glass! I am loving the team up idea with him and the Beast (McAvoy) teaming up. Bruce Willis should be careful because these two are going to steal this movie away from him. They look like they’ll have a lot of fun.


Another thing about McAvoy! It was amazing to see how strong the Beast is, I was shocked when he made that humongous jump, he is not fooling around, he means business! Also, those poor girls!


I am so glad that M. Night Shyamalan brought back Anya Taylor-Joy for this movie, I loved her character and performance in Split and I am really interested to see where her story goes, especially her connection with McAvoy’s character.


Sorry for the lack of review, I have yet to see Unbreakable, I’ll try and see it this week but after the craziness of Comic-Con. After I see Unbreakable, I’ll come back to this trailer and give my updated thoughts. I am still excited about as a fan of Split. It’s very unusual a movie like Split gets a sequel and especially one that looks really good!

Glass opens everywhere in January 2019.

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