Visually inventive Monster Movies are back!

I’m so pleased that the creative control over these MonsterVerse movies is being taken seriously. The MonsterVerse, for those of you that don’t know, is the official name for the cinematic universe of King Kong and Godzilla.

Image result for monsterverse logo

Usually monster movies are visually bland, there are a few visually pleasing monster movies like the King Kong movie from 2005. This franchise however is putting visuals and cinematography first and it shows. Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island were perhaps  the best visually inventive monster movies this decade. From the use of colour to the cinematography and the camerawork. For example the first Godzilla movie heavily used the colour red, it was on the posters and in the movie. It immediately caught your attention.

Then Kong: Skull Island also used a colour, it used yellow. This movie used it’s colour a lot more than Godzilla did. It’s a lot more present and effective. It helped the movie create a distinctive and unique presence in the massive amount of King Kong movies. It also looks visually great, it catches your eye like it should.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters looks like it will continue the tradition with my favourite colour, blue. The breathtaking trailer used some hauntingly beautiful music to accompany the blue visuals with the monsters.

I hope other studios take notes and make an effort their movies more visually pleasing. For example a recent monster movie, Rampage looked visually bland, even Pacific Rim: Uprising which even though it had cool looking robots, creatively and visually it’s just  a cityscape with lots of fires and smoke. Hopefully this made you think about the little things that can effect a movie and appreciate them even more. Thanks for reading.



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