WHY YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING Voltron: Legendary Defender!


Drop whatever you’re doing and go binge the quiznak out of this show!!!

This is a criminally underrated show and it pains me that not a lot of people are watching, well guess what, THEY ARE MISSING OUT!

So I started the show back when it came out but due to a lot of work and school and other shows, I postponed watching 3 seasons of this show. Now since it’s summer, I’ve had time to catch up and the amount of regret I feel for not watching this earlier is inexplicable.

If you don’t know what Voltron: Legendary Defender is, I’ll explain. It’s an animated Netflix show which features the five Paladins of Voltron, meaning they each have a coloured robotic lion which when all formed together make a gigantic space robot named Voltron. The purpose of Voltron is to defend the universe from the evil Galra led by the menacing Emperor Zarkon. I know, I know, it sounds childish or like Power Rangers but don’t be fooled by it’s seemingly simple plot. Also this show is made by the people who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra so there’s that as well.

This show is so much more than that. It has three dimensional characters with actual character development. Stunning animation and a unique score. The villains aren’t just there to destroy the universe, they have motivation and they’re more clever than your average animated villain. There are twists and turns which don’t feel cheap but they’re relevant to the story. It has everything you could wish for, romance, action, sci-fi, brotherhood, family, good vs evil, humor and more. Please watch this show. Here is a clip, watch it and decide if it’s your cup of tea. 

The reason as to why I’m writing this is that at Comic-Con they announced that the show will end after it’s eight season which is scheduled to premiere near the end of this year. I just wanted to spread out the Voltron love and try to convince as many of you as I can to watch this show. The seventh season will air on August 10th. The seasons are very short, the first two have 13 episodes each and then seasons 3-6 contain 7 episode maximum.


This show highlights so many important things, brotherhood, family, love in all forms, to not give up on others or yourself. It’s truly an amazing and timeless story.  Recently a main character was revealed to be gay, already this show is breaking the walls of western animation. Also it’s not just a confirmation but there is already a love interest it’s not just empty promises. If you’re a fan of Avatar or Korra or just good quality entertainment in general, do yourself a favor and watch this show! You have more than enough time to catch up before Season 7 so START WATCHING!!!!

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