Mission: Impossible 1-5 REVIEW and RANKING!

My mission, was I to accept it was to watch all five Mission: Impossible movies before Mission: Impossible: Fallout comes out. Clearly I failed, as it’s already been out for two weeks but I have finally finished Rogue Nation just this morning so I am going to give my opinions on each Mission: Impossible movie.


Mission: Impossible (1996)


The first Mission: Impossible is a mixed bag for me. While it has exciting scenes such as the one above which is the most memorable scene in the movie. It’s an iconic scene and I loved it, it was suspenseful and executed very well. The acting is also great, especially Cruise who proves he can be both an action star but a talented actor. Unfortunately this movie lost me so many times I almost dropped it. It’s over-complicated and confusing plot didn’t do it any favors. It’s special effects are really dated. I do love how they kill off the team in the first 20 minutes, it was unexpected and I appreciated a twist that early on in the movie. Overall, it’s an average movie with some special scenes and great acting however it’s confusing plot really takes you out of it.

Mission: Impossible – 2 (2000)


Oh My God! This movie is a handful. Not only is it the worst one in the series it’s also an all-around horrible movie! At first I said this might be bad but I can actually enjoy it for what it is but then it just became too much. I knew from the moment the 2000’s music version of the theme in the intro came along that this movie would be “interesting”. Everything about this movie is so bizarre. The characters are unlikable but worst of all is that Tom Cruise isn’t playing Ethan Hunt he is playing some sort of playboy cocky version of Ethan Hunt and it doesn’t make any sense. The villain is boring and dull. Towards the end when the fight between Hunt and the bad guy (forgot his name) breaks out, I was on the verge of slamming my laptop to the wall. It was so long and stupid and drawn out. It’s a really bad movie and no one should ever sit through it.

Mission: Impossible – 3 (2006)

In my opinion, Mission: Impossible – 3 is one of the most underrated movies ever made. Not only did it pick the franchise back up in an excellent manner but also no one really cares about this movie because for some reason Ghost Protocol came out 4 years after this and some people say that Ghost Protocol revitalized the franchise.

This is a great movie. This movie has in my opinion the best opening scene in the entire action genre and one of the best of all time. Not only did it catch me off guard but I was instantly hooked, I was intrigued. Cruise and Hoffman are perfect in this scene, award-worthy performances from both of them. It has great action and it’s the most suspenseful movie in the franchise. I love how this movie broke down Ethan Hunt’s character, it was great to see the main character not being perfect at everything and always have the right mind-set. Also, this movie has the best villain of the franchise so far. Hoffman was incredibly convincing as the villain. Whenever he appeared he posed a real threat. I love his calm but manipulative manner. This movie is a bit forgettable next to the others.  Overall MI-3 is a great action movie with a solid plot, a great villain, great acting and decent action.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)


My favourite Mission: Impossible movie so far. This movie impressed me on every level. This movie introduces the artistic visual flair to the franchise. That sandstorm sequence was amazing, I was genuinely shocked at how good it was. I loved the use of colour in that scene. Also how can anyone forget the building climb scene. It was intense and a great use of incredible stunt-work. It’s an iconic scene, I remember when this movie came out, people were talking non-stop about this scene. Anyways the movie is not only great because of those two scenes but it’s great script and story and how clever it is. I loved the scene with the diamonds and the nuclear codes, it was suspenseful and I loved the gadget use. I also loved the ending, I love how they explained the disappearance  Hunt’s wife, it was very obvious that a man like that is never safe either is she if she stays with him.  It was bittersweet and touching to see them go their separate ways but I loved how it showed a divorced couple who are still friends. Overall, this is an excellent movie, to be honest, no flaws come to mind, well the villain was weak but that’s it really.

Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)

Image result for mission impossible rogue nation

The only things that keeps this movie from being perfect are the slow-pacing. I got bored a few times watching and the dull villain which seems to be a troubling aspect for these movies. Aside from those two problems, I really enjoyed Rogue Nation, it’s a well-made action-packed movie. I loved how they gave Simon Pegg a lot more to do in this one. He’s my favourite character from the franchise. I loved Rebecca Ferguson in this movie. Also, that opera scene is one of the best action scenes ever made. It occurred to me while I was watching it “this is iconic and brilliant”. It was clever and well-shot (no pun intended). I also liked the intense underwater scene. Overall, an enjoyable and great entry in the Mission Impossible series, with some amazing action scenes.


1. Ghost Protocol
2. Rogue Nation
3. Mission: Impossible 3
4. Mission: Impossible
5. Mission: Impossible 2

That’s it for this post, I will be seeing Mission: Impossible – Fallout on Friday so the review will be up by Sunday.

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