My Hero Academia: Season 1 – Review

*As always, the first part of the review will not include spoilers. When I start to delve into spoiler territory I will put a spoiler warning.

Boku No Hero Academia or My Hero Academia is an anime directed by Kenji Nagasaki. It’s based off the manga with the same name. The anime is about a world where most people have a “quirk”, a special ability or simply a super power. The main character in this show is a quirkless teenager named Izuku. Everyone keeps telling him he can’t become a superhero, that is until he meets his idol All Might. This anime includes the voice talents of Daiki Yamashita, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kenta Miyake, Ayane Sakura, Kaito Ishikawa and Aoi Yuki.

I have heard a lot about this show and I decided to check it out this week. My God, what was I doing before watched this show! This is an amazing show, I loved every minute of it. It’s original, clever and well thought out. After watching the first couple of episodes, I literally went to Amazon to check out all of the merchandise that I will inevitably buy. It’s motivational and emotional at times and because of those moments, the show has some amazing fleshed out characters which I love. It’s also one of those shows which doesn’t like filler episodes all that much. Almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger so it’s great binging material. To cut it short, I highly suggest you watch it.

Also I am going to start writing this small piece in every anime review. It’s essentially whether I suggest you watch it in English Dub or with English Subtitles. I tried watching an episode in the English dub and I only got a few minutes in, I couldn’t stand it to be honest. On the other hand the writing in the show is clearly made for Japan so it obviously works better in it’s original language so I highly suggest watching with subtitles.

So I can’t really review this show without spoiling it, so now that you know how I feel, I will actually review it now!


My favourite part of this season has to be the characters. I love all of them, seriously there isn’t one which annoys me, as for Bakugo/Kacchan, he is the one I love to hate so it kind of works out. I know it’s a cliche to have the main character be your favourite character but this season, Izuku Midoriya was an amazing character. Never have I rooted and cheered for a character as much as I did for this one. He’s an actual role-model that anyone can look up to and admire. I love his ambition, his story is really inspiring. Yes, I know it’s a fictional story but it’s not far-fetched, after all it’s about a guy who actually worked really hard to get to his dream goal and he actually made it. That message along with the gorgeous music made for some really inspiring moments.


The show is set in a world where superpowers or quirks are the norm, so with that in mind the creators needed to update the modern world even further with quirk related buildings and stuff. This show has done an amazing job of normalizing quirks. It’s wonderful to see, I love UA and it’s many classes. I love the system they use and the teachers and everything. It’s like Harry Potter with Hogwarts but it’s an anime with superheroes instead of wizards. Also whoever came up with the random quirks these characters have, well done. Original? Yes. Silly? Yes. Awesome? Yes. How can something be silly and awesome? By giving them moments to shine in both aspects. Every quirk is used for both laughs and cool moments. Take the guy with the electric quirk for example.

The moment I fell in love with this show was in the final scene in Episode 2. When All Might tells Izuku that he can indeed become a hero and Izuku just breaks down emotionally and is attempting to catch his breath. It’s such a realistic reaction, I was sort of shocked to see how real and raw the emotion was in that scene. Also the gorgeous score in the background make for an incredibly emotional scene. It’s so powerful and beautiful, it’s not something that’s hard to imagine, people have idols and dreams and they have been put down at least once or twice. The emotions are captured perfectly, his idol is telling what no one on Earth has told him, not even his mother.


Overall the first season of My Hero Academia was a home run for me. It’s like it was specifically made for me. I love the story, the characters and the amazing animation and musical score. Not only is it an amazing anime but it comes with the important and empowering lesson of getting where you want is possible with hard work and dedication. I really love this show and I am really mad, I didn’t start this back in 2016.






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