To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a teen romance movie based off a book with the same name. Netflix adapted it into a movie and it’s here and everyone is talking about it. Everyone. The movie is about Lara Jean, who writes five secret love letters about each of her crushes. One day these letters get mailed and now she is awkwardly confronted by  her every crush. This movie stars: Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, Israel Broussard and Anna Cathcart.

I remember seeing a trailer for this movie and thinking that the concept was actually very unique and fun to play with but it didn’t really capture my attention for the most part. A while after the movie comes out and it’s blowing up across social media. It was getting memed a lot. The reviews were great and all of a sudden it was the movie everyone needed to see. It’s great to say that about a Netflix movie, that alone is an accomplishment. Anyways I saw it yesterday and I was charmed. So charmed that I saw it again today, no shame.This movie is a feel good rom-com that you can enjoy watching anytime. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if the movie sticks with it and embraces it, it becomes really fun and cheesy just how good rom-coms should be.

However To All The Boys… does something different. Yes, it’s cheesy and heartwarming and all that but it balances those moments with some really great slow scenes between our main characters, particularly the ones between the characters of Lara Jean and Peter. They’re just conversations but they’re also intimate and personal. That aspect makes To All The Boys stand out from your typical cheesy, badly written rom-com. One of my favourite things in this movie is the concept. I love the idea of the letters. At some point in life, we all had a crush on someone. Imagine having five and have them knowing how you feel. It would be insanely crazy and awkward.

This makes the lead in this case Lara Jean extremely relatable and fun to see. This movie makes us live our “worst nightmares” through her. Lara Jean is played by the talented and charismatic Lana Condor. She is amazing as Lara, she delivers every line with charisma and charm. Peter Kavinsky played by Noah Centineo is also really charming and likeable. He is definitely a fan favourite as proven by the countless memes of him on Twitter and Instagram. They both have insane chemistry on and off-screen. Come to think of it they remind me of mini-versions of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Everyone else is okay, I liked Broussard as Josh, the nest door neighbour but the movie belongs to Condor and Centineo.

As much as this movie is enjoyable and charming, it has it’s flaws. The main flaw in my opinion is the two drastically different tones. On one side there is this heartwarming and realistic chemistry between Lara Jean and Peter and the whole letter thing and on the other hand anything that has nothing to do with that is really weird. The Covey sisters for example, their acting is almost at Disney Channel level. It’s really weird because at times they have good moments. Also there is one scene near the end with two characters in a bathroom having an argument and the acting is really off, it was weird and just badly executed. The third act is a bit weak compared to the first two acts. It gets really cliched and cheesy but at that point you would’ve accepted it and just go with it. Also the antagonist is really cliched and annoying but again, you expect her to be by the time she’s introduced which isn’t necessarily a good thing either.

Overall To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a charming and wonderful cliched cheesy rom-com with it’s fair share of intimate and personal scenes. It’s a feel-good movie which is always a fun movie to watch. It’s main two leads, Condor and Centineo’s chemistry is real and genuine and you can really see them being together in real life as well. Their intimate scenes and their relationship makes this movie stand out from the over saturated genre of rom-coms. I can definitely see this becoming a classic in the future.


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