Disney has a problem.

Let me start by saying that I am one of the biggest Disney fans you could find. I support the company through it’s ups and downs. Lately it’s mostly been ups with mega hits like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Incredibles 2. However as 2018 is nearing to a close, the Mouse House is seeming to find itself in a tough spot.

So far Disney has released 6 movies this year. Most of them were successful both critically and financially. The others not so much (A Wrinkle In Time, Solo, Christopher Robin). That’s fine. Not every movie has to be a win. It’s nearly impossible. But if you think about it, those three movies which performed poorly had two things in common. One being the poor advertising and lack of hype, the other being placement. If you look at Disney’s last three movies for this year, it seems that at least two of them will suffer the same fate. Disney has plans to release The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Mary Poppins Returns.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is clearly the odd one out. I am saying this because Disney has just released the final trailer only three weeks after the second trailer. They have barely even started promoting Mary Poppins Returns. It’s a matter of when to release the trailers. So far there have been plenty of advertising for both Nutcracker and Ralph. The only difference is that Disney knows how to promote animated movies. Plenty of people are pumped to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. How many people do you know are excited for The Nutcracker?

Disney has been shoving this movie in our faces with these trailers and posters yet no one cares. You know why? Easy no one gets excited for a Christmas movie in summer! In my opinion they should’ve released the teaser in August to give people a hint. Then once September is about to end start putting out new trailers. The marketing for Mary Poppins and Nutcracker should’ve been switched. Mary Poppins isn’t a Christmas movie. People love nostalgic stuff so they’ll eat anything Disney throws at them. Look at how Beauty and the Beast turned out.  I am sure I will love both Mary Poppins Returns and Ralph Breaks the Internet but I am still unsure about The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

Keep in mind that Disney has to also prepare people for their early 2019 releases like Dumbo and Captain Marvel. They also have to slowly start somewhere with Aladdin and The Lion King as well. I don’t think we’ll get any trailer for those in December. Maybe a teaser for Captain Marvel and a poster for Aladdin. Still, Disney has too much too handle now let alone when Fox becomes a part of the picture.


What do you think? Do you think Disney should put more space in between their movies? Which movies will you be seeing in the winter? Ralph, Nutcracker or Mary Poppins?

5 thoughts on “Disney has a problem.

  1. developingcritic says:

    More space between movies would mean less movies being produced a year so that isn’t likely for Disney to do. But, as you pointed out, if they had smart advertising plan and released movies strategically, then they could produce more hype for ALL of their movies and not just some.

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    • Filmaholic says:

      To be honest, less movies is not such a bad idea. I love Disney but they don’t have an endless supply of ideas. For example I hate the fact that we are getting Aladdin and Lion King in the same year. Last year was all about Beauty and the Beast. I would love if Aladdin had some time of it’s own but the problem is there are only a few months between them. It will start to feel familiar. Like they’re just airing live-action reruns of your favourite movies. Thanks for reading btw.

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      • developingcritic says:

        Of course! The title really caught my eye. I love Disney movies, but I’m not a big fan of Disney as a company. And yeah, I see what you’re saying with giving certain movies time to breathe. They definitely need to rethink how fast they’re producing movies. If they space out releases of live action movies (which are the new thing as you said), then they’ll know for sure that there will be movies they can make down the line.

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      • Filmaholic says:

        Yesterday I was thinking about this and something came to me. Since Wreck It Ralph got a sequel, why can’t older movies get new and updated sequels. Imagine a modern 2D animated Hercules sequel. Or a Fantasia 3 maybe even in CGI. That would be amazing.


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