Bodyguard: Series 1 – Review


Bodyguard is created by Jed Mercurio. The political thriller is one of BBC’s highest successes this decade as people all over Britain are hooked. The show is about David Budd, a veteran turned protection officer who has been assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague. Only he is against everything she stands for, yet he has to risk his life for her. The show stars Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes.

I have heard a lot about this show. Whenever it was on, it would be the top trending topic on Twitter in the UK. I decided to start the show around the time Episode 3 came out.  The show is a technically speaking a 6-Part event series, so I was halfway through it’s run. It’s still undecided as to when of if they’ll be a second season. Within the first twenty minutes I understood completely why this show was getting the attention it was getting. Not spoiling anything but the first twenty minutes or so take place on a train and there is a potential threat and it was one of the most gripping scenes in television this year.

All of this is due to the amazing cast. Richard Madden is excellent as David Budd. You really see a full fleshed out character with flaws. I was surprised at how much I cared for his character. He made me tear up, cringe (good kind) and have me at the edge of my seat multiple times. At times he reminded me of a Bourne, Wick, Bond type character. I think that Madden could easily be the next Bond. Keeley Hawes as the Home Secretary Julia Montague is  You know an actor/actress has done an amazing job when you see them in something else and be shocked that they act differently than their character. Madden and Hawes in Bodyguard are the definition of that.


The only flaw this show has is that even though it’s only six episodes they can feel very dragged out and boring. Every episode is almost an hour long and I feel that if they cut a few scenes here and there, it would benefit the pacing. Also it’s unclear if this will have a second season but if it won’t it left a lot of question unanswered. There’s a difference between certain question better left to the audience to figure out and just overall laziness in the script-writing department.

Interestingly enough, the actual Home Secretary doesn’t like the show. I don’t really blame her though, If I was in her shoes I don’t think I would like it either. That being said I am clearly not in her shoes which means that I love it as well as most of England. I hope this shows a bigger audience and hopefully it will thanks to Netflix which will be airing the full first season in late October.

Bodyguard is one of the best shows this year has to offer. It grips you and never lets go, you’ll keep thinking about every episode long after you’ve seen it. It’s intense scenes will have you on the edge of your seat. With amazing performances from it’s main two leads, it’s a show worth watching just for the characters alone. Even with some pacing issues, it’s solid script makes up for it. It’s definitely worth watching.


Bodyguard will be available to stream on Netflix on October 24.

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