Mary Poppins Returns – In-Depth Trailer Review!

I vaguely remember watching the first Mary Poppins and thinking it was a bit too long but then again I was a child with a short attention-span. I have never revisited that movie again however when this movie was announced for some reason I was excited to see it. I love the teaser they released 6 MONTHS AGO, yes it’s that long ago. I waited and waited and waited for the official trailer and when I least expected it, it came out. I actually shed a few tears and I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. It was simply magical, truly amazing. So with that said let’s get started with this in-depth discussion!

Right away I am swept away by the music and the beautiful fairy-tale like shots. The trailer opens with Michael and Jane cleaning a room possibly an attic. They find the famous kite and Michael decides to throw it away because he’s an adult. In just those brief seconds, Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer sold me as adult Michael and Jane. There’s something so iconic and legendary about all of these characters and this world. It felt like a grand return, similar to how The Force Awakens was to Star Wars. Michael ends up winning the argument to throw the stuff away and when he does the kite gets lifted up by the wind. I love the dark, dull and hopeless look of Cherry Tree Lane, it represents how badly these characters need help.



Next Lin Manuel Miranda‘s character is flying the same kite with one of Michael’s children. As the child puts it, “it got caught on a nanny!”. Obviously Mary Poppins appears like the graceful boss she is and here Lin Manuel’s character says something in British and it caught me off-guard. For a second I forgot his character is related to Burt from the first one. Anyways, Mary lands as graceful as possible and they all return to the Banks House. Michael and Jane are gobsmacked to seeing Mary and they have a cute banter about women’s age. I just love the confused look on the boy’s face. He has no idea of the magic that’s about to happen.



The next 30 seconds or so are pretty uneventful, however we do get our first listen to one of the new songs. After all this is a musical. I loved Emily Blunt in Into the Woods so I’m certain I’ll like her singing here as well. It’s also revealed that Michael’s wife has passed and that his family is in a lot of trouble. Clearly Mary Poppins is here to help everyone look on the bright side and fix what’s broken.


Now the magic begins! From here on out the trailer just oozes pure Disney magic. There is a lot to cover so I’ll go almost shot by shot. The first magical moment is the return of the famous cane and bag that Mary held in the first movie. The bird cane will most probably speak to her at one point but I think they’re saving it for the movie itself. Next is perhaps my favourite part. Classic 2D animation. When Mary starts spinning that bowl and the flowers came out in 2D and started gathering around them, I was shocked. For some reason I didn’t imagine this movie going there. But it did! By this moment in the trailer I was in tears, not ugly crying or anything but just a few joyous tears.


The music, the bright visuals, the joy and wonder! It was amazing to see. The brilliant sets and costumes mixed with the wonderful 2D Disney animation. Now I didn’t discover this on my own but if you look closely the clothes are drawn on in a way. The patterns and the design are drawn in 2D. It’s little details like that which make me appreciate certain movies more. The musical numbers look to be spectacular. The only thing that bothered me was the fact Michael calls the joyous parts of the trailer “nonsense” when he himself was a part of the nonsense as a child in the first movie. Also I was surprised to find Angela Lansbury in this movie. A pleasant surprise I might add!



Now the cast is named one by one and at first I was a bit too enchanted by the magic that had just unfolded that I was a bit out of it but then one new cast member, two more and another one after that. This movie has an all-star ensemble cast! The new additions were, well there’s the Mamma Mia! trio of Julia Walters, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep. As much as I love Meryl Streep she does seem like the odd one out. Hopefully that won’t be the case. Secondly the legend himself, Dick Van Dyke is back! At 92 this guy is doing choreographed dance numbers on a table. That right there is dedication.


Next there a few shot of some new musical numbers. Now I am a sucker for musical numbers involving lamp posts for some reason, it most probably has to do with La La Land. But that with the fabulous era of the 30’s will definitely make for some gorgeous looking scenes. Also I’m very intrigued to see how Lin Manuel’s character is up on the Big Ben. Next there is a shot with what looks like Mary and the kids only in a small boat with dolphins jumping around them because why not at this point, right? Then there’s a beautiful shot with Mary going back from a blossomed Cherry Tree Lane and the final shot is Mary Poppins eagerly saying “Off we go!” and diving backwards into a bubbly bathtub where she completely disappears into a magical portal I assume. Is there a more magical way to end a trailer? I think not.


I truly cannot wait for this movie to come out. My family and I already picked it as our holiday movie, Aquaman can wait, for me at least. This movie looks like it was tailor-made for me. It’s the perfect family movie and the perfect holiday movie. A cold day with the family inside a cinema watching this gem. SIGN ME UP!

How many of you will be seeing this movie in cinemas? Which one is it, Mary Poppins Returns or Aquaman? Will your family be seeing this? 


Mary Poppins Returns will hit UK cinemas on the 21st of December this holiday season!



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