Why I Hate the Ending to A Star Is Born.

DISCLAIMER: These are my initial thoughts of A Star Is Born (2018). My opinion could change after time but being the strong feeling it is, I doubt it will. Also there will be major spoilers, clearly.’

I would like to apologize in advance for the amount of swearing in this post. It’s just that I’ve never left the cinema so angry at a movie. Never has a movie confused me so much on how I feel about it.

To basically sum up how I feel, I fucking loved the movie up until that douche-bag manager basically told Jackson that he fucked up Ally’s life forever and he should kill himself. What follows is complete fuckery in my opinion. It’s been a couple hours since I finished the movie and I can’t even listen to the damn soundtrack without getting mad. I really, really hated how this movie ended. The only true reason why I’m writing this post is to get my anger out, so again, excuse the swearing.

Whose fault was it?

There is an emotional scene near the end, it’s done amazingly well. Jackson is in rehab and Ally visits him, he breaks down emotionally and starts apologizing for the embarrassing things he did. Ally comforts him and tells him it’s not his fault, it’s a decease, alcoholism is the problem. I loved that. Things were starting to look bright for once. Then comes that motherfucking asshole telling a man who has just come out of rehab that he is no good and he will only do bad if stays with his wife. Jackson commits suicide and then afterwards the movie uses Jackson’s brother Bobby to tell us that it was Jackson’s fault that he died. FUCK THAT! So first the movie says, alcoholism is the decease, then because someone kills themselves because of the actions that were made because of that decease, because they felt bad about themselves and killed themselves, it’s their fault?!

The Reason why he committed suicide. 

The manager, easy as that. Who in their right fucking mind would tell a now sober man just out of rehab that he is the problem and is ruining everything? I understand he needs to do his job but did he have to be so damn harsh. Jesus Christ! Jackson then commits suicide and I have to say, those scenes were some of the saddest and tense scenes I have ever seen. But I couldn’t feel any sadness because I was to busy being angry and mad about why he did what he did. Then the shot with the dog waiting outside gave me the worst fucking feeling ever. The loneliness in his eyes and the red lighting and the long long waiting, stalling even, was too painful to watch, I was considering walking out, to be honest. I hated every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, it was done exceptionally well but it was forced in my opinion.

Ally/The Movie itself.

She was his wife. HIS WIFE! When does anyone take any action to try to control his addiction, after he fucking embarrasses himself at the Grammys. No one tried to help him with his addiction. At one point, Ally even implies that he even falls over and loses his balance multiple times and she does nothing about it. From my eyes, the movie uses Jackson as the tool to get Ally to be a sensational star. Then it ditches him, actually it kills him off. Was there any justice served? No. Did the asshole manager do something after he learned what he had done? We don’t know. Does Ally continue living her dream? Yes. You see where I’m going with this.

I’ll Never Love Again

To be honest, this song was a bit generic to me, the melody at least. It reminded me of your typical love ballad from the nineties. Gaga sang with extreme emotion and passion. What bothered me was that they tried to get a bit of that cheap emotion out of us by showing glimpses of Jackson and Ally together. They only did that twice, as if they’re shy of going all out. Go big or go home, right? What almost made me tear up was when the shot cut to Jackson singing the song to Ally for the first time. The movie used a very clever technique by not showing him at all, no pictures, no flashbacks apart those two. So when you see the scene, it hits you. So I enjoyed that aspect at least.


My only problem with all of this is why it was done because other than that, it was done exceptionally well. The colours, lighting, cinematography, music and acting were top-notch. I mean, I knew something bad was going to happen at the end. There were A LOT of not so subtle hints at a not so happy ending. For example the billboard at the beginning, with the tied ropes, the entire song “Always Remember Us This Way” and the most heartbreaking of all, when Jackson used his “just wanted to take another look at you” line as the last words to Ally. God, this movie is not good for my health.

This will act as a spoiler review for A Star Is Born (2018). My non-spoiler review will be up soon.

2 thoughts on “Why I Hate the Ending to A Star Is Born.

  1. Gigi says:

    Thank you!! I completely agree with you. In fact every time I hear the song shallow to this day it triggers anxiety and rage in me about the end of the movie.


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