A Star Is Born – Movie Review!

A Star Is Born is directed by Bradley Cooper, this is his impressive directorial debut. It’s the third remake of the “A Star is Born” story.  Like the other versions, the story is about a girl in this case Ally who is insecure but has some insane talent, when she meets a former rock star and alcoholic, Jackson Maine, her life will change as she will rise as the star she was meant to become. This version stars Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliot and Dave Chappelle.

I apologize for the late review, I wanted to watch the movie for a second time before collecting my final thoughts. I took my time and now I am ready to review! Well sort of, this review will be totally different from the usual reviews I write. I am completely torn on this movie and I can’t really sum up what I feel because I’ve seen it twice now and I still don’t know what to think of this movie as a whole, I know what I like and what I don’t like but I can’t really call it a great film or a bad one. It’s complicated.

There is so much to love about this movie. That is thanks to Bradley Cooper who has seriously impressed me in every way possible. He is great as Jack and Lady Gaga is simply amazing as Ally. Together they make one of cinema’s most realistic and passionate couples in recent memory. They’re electric together, you simply can’t get enough of them. Together they make one of the best soundtracks I’ve listened to in quite some time. I am obsessed with the soundtrack. OBSESSED! My personal favourites are Shallow, Always Remember Us This Way, Is That Alright?, Maybe It’s Time and I’ll Never Love Again. Not necessarily in that order.

I love the first half of this movie so much, it’s perfect. I smiled like an idiot when the title of the movie came on. That is how you introduce the star of the movie. Also the leading up to Shallow was so fresh and exciting, not to mention the payoff when she sings it is simply fantastic. I cried the first time I heard it. I’ve been a Gaga fan or a Little Monster I should say since her early days and I’m not being biased when I say that her voice is one of the best voices I’ve heard. This movie showcases that perfectly. It’s eargasmic how good this movie sounds.

As a film it’s made really well. The acting, music, directing, cinematography, editing are top-notch. However the writing is another thing. This is where I go into negative territory.

When it comes to Jack, I can’t say too much since I have never dealt with alcoholism, I also don’t know anyone who suffers from it. However I feel like Ally should have helped him, she sort of let him even further into his demons. I get not wanting to interject back when they were just starting but they did eventually become a married couple. The movie uses Ally to say that alcoholism is a decease. Later on after the tragedy, Jack’s brother says it was all his fault. Did they know he had mental health issues? Were they aware Rez the manager (don’t get me started) visited him, a few hours before he killed himself. It was messy from my point of view how they handled Jack’s ending. It was just another box to tick off from the How To Make A Star Is Born Remake list.

Apart from that, the movie also has some pacing issues. It goes by way too fast. Their relationship evolves way too fast. I was taken aback by the proposal scene. Also the ending itself was a bit underwhelming. I saw an interview where Cooper says that the moment Ally looks into the camera is the moment the star is born. Now I understand that she introduces herself as Ally Maine, using her full name. But doesn’t that ending make Jack’s suicide the “selfless act” that made her become whom she was meant to become?  What if he didn’t die, she would still be making crappy pop songs.

Overall A Star Is Born is an incredibly well-made movie, Bradley knocked it out of the park. The performances are amazing and heartbreaking, the songs are instant classics and the cinematography, editing and everything else was done really well. They made it feel like going to an actual concert. However the story suffers from an ending which will make viewers unsure of what the movie is trying to say. I would recommend watching the movie but be prepared to potentially be let down by the ending.



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