Trailer Thoughts 9!

Apparently this version seems to centre around family-friendly movies, all which look amazing and I personally can’t wait to watch them all multiple times. I’m going to start with my most anticipated and end with my least anticipated.

  1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This movie will break me in every way emotionally, it will leave me in a depressed dump for a good month or two. I love this franchise so much, I grew up with the characters, I have the books, I’ve seen the series and I’ve watched the movies countless times. Toy Story 4 can wait in my opinion. This is the new golden trilogy of animation. Hopefully it will smack the other  competitive movies like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. Can you believe this franchise has never won an Oscar? Toy Story 3 won in 2011 and Big Hero 6 won in 2015. Hopefully this will crush the other movies. Anyways I will definitely be seeing this movie. It looks emotional, action-packed and meaningful to many fans.

2. Detective Pikachu

Most of us grew up with Pokemon, we all know the theme song and we all wanted a Pokemon when we were younger. This franchise never fails to impress me. It is one of the few major franchises which knows how to stay relevant and ridiculously popular. Pokemon GO was a major success, the games were a major success and this trailer is a major success. In less than two days, it garnered 24 million views. Hooray for Pikachu and Ryan Reynolds who like this franchise is doing an impressive job at staying at the top of his game. I loved seeing the live-action Pokemon. Reynolds is doing a hilarious job as Pikachu and hopefully Justice Smith will do a better job in here than in JW: Fallen Kingdom. 

3. Dumbo (2019)

The teaser peaked my interest, this trailer sold me. I teared up in a two and a half minute trailer, God knows the mess I’ll be in the cinema. I had said in previous posts that the most critically acclaimed live-action Disney adaptations were those that adapted older Disney movies which were fairly simple in plot like Cinderella and The Jungle Book. If Dumbo is done right, and from the looks it, it is, it will join those two in being the best adaptations. The look and aesthetic of this movie is amazing, it looks like The Greatest Showman but with a much higher budget and a classical retro feel. I can’t wait to bawl my eyes while seeing this!

4. Toy Story 4

Honestly this is an unnecessary movie and we all know it. It ended on the perfect note with Toy Story 3, if Pixar pulls this off, kudos to them, I hope that’s the case but if they don’t they would’ve destroyed the nearly perfect track-record this trilogy has made. All I’m saying is that this movie is too risky, even for Pixar. I liked the second teaser better than the first but I have to admit I couldn’t stop smiling seeing them back, also the animation blew my mind, they look so good, it’s like Incredibles 2 with the crisp animation. I will obviously be seeing this movie although the fact that the ending of this movie made Tom Hanks ugly cry is concerning for my mental and physical health. Leave it to Pixar to drain you of your emotions. Yay.

Do you think How To Train Your Dragon 3 will win at the Oscars in 2020?

Do you think Detective Pikachu will be another major hit for the Pokemon?

Is Toy Story 4 really worth the risk? 

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