What I’m Thankful For In Pop Culture (2018 Edition!)

This year, pop culture was certainly interesting to say the least. Even though I don’t live in America, I think it’s nice that there’s a day where you get to reflect on what you are truly thankful for while gobbling down on a turkey leg or a piece of pumpkin pie. With influential movies, TV shows, and music, 2018 has more than enough to be thankful for.


I am thankful for many movies this year. From the big blockbusters like Mission: Impossible – Fallout to the small dramas and rom-coms like Love, Simon. These are the movies I am thankful for in 2018.

Love, Simon

I am so glad and happy this movie exists. It inspired many people, including myself to be who they truly are without giving a care in the world. It teaches acceptance and love and doesn’t focus on the negative stuff a movie like this would include. It has become a staple for the LGBTQ+ community and rightfully so. I read the book and rewatched the movie and I would do it all over again. Thank you, cast and crew of Love, Simon and Becky Albertalli who wrote the book in the first place. Thanks a bunch.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Small mention but an important one nonetheless. I am thankful that a modern day-action movie used little to no amounts of CGI but instead used practical effects and really impressive stunt-work. The fact that it is the highest grossing M:I movie says a lot. Thank you Tom Cruise for actually doing it your way and for all the hard work and dedication put into this movie. Also to Christopher McQuarrie for directing this gem.

Black Panther

I thank Marvel, Stan Lee, Ryan Coogler and everyone associated with this milestone of a film so much for giving the black community a voice, an icon and role model. This is one of the most influential movies of all time and I am so happy that it got the success it did. Props to Coogler and Chadwick Boseman for bringing to life a black icon for people to see and admire. I love how the movie incorporates traditional “Wakandan” culture with modern technology, how the beautiful colours and costumes bounce of the screen or how the musical score incorporates traditional African instruments to make it even more authentic. Thank You all for this movie. Also, come on you have to be thankful for Queen Shuri.

Bohemian Rhapsody / Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

I am thankful for these movies for introducing me to ABBA and Queen which have become my favourite bands of all time. I am thankful for the music specifically for bringing me so much joy and pleasure over the span of a few months. I am thankful for Freddie Mercury as a whole, I love him, I am thankful for Roger Taylor’s savagery and shredding of the drums, Brian May’s quite, polite nature and insane talent on the guitar and I am thankful for John Deacon for being the not-so-appreciated talent behind many of Queen’s hits. I am thankful for Agnetha and Anni-Frid’s gorgeous vocals and Benny and Bjorn’s brilliant song-writing and melody.

Halloween (2018)

I am thankful for Jamie Lee Curtis period but I am thankful for a film which shows a badass older woman kicking ass and actually being really successful. I am thankful for John Carpenter’s brilliant score and Michael Myers for scaring the crap out of me several times. I am thankful that the new movie introduced me to the original classic which I absolutely love.

TV Shows

Will and Grace

I am thankful for this show for many, many reason like making me laugh constantly and instantly putting me in a good mood or for it’s iconic lines and running gags. For Sean Hayes in general who is an absolute delight. What I am thankful for mostly is it’s take on modern political issues and how it treats them with class while still feeling like Will and Grace. Episodes like “Grandpa Jack”, “The Beefcake and the Cake Beef” and most importantly “Grace’s Secret” are prime examples of this.

I was genuinely shocked by how mature and realistic this show got for a second. “Grace’s Secret” is easily one of the best episodes this year. It talked about how Grace unfortunately went through her #MeToo moment when she was younger and how it is permanantly imprinted in your brain after all these years. Stunning episode, brilliant acting from Debra Messing and again, I’m incredibly thankful for this show.

This Is Us

My favourite show right now and for many reasons. I can always count on it for a good cry. It’s consistently great. The acting, the music, the characters, everything about this show is perfect and for that I’m thankful for a family drama which is actually of high quality and help many groups of people with literally any problem possible. From racism and equality to weight insecurities to anxiety to even war trauma now. If you haven’t watched This Is Us, do yourself a favor and watch it now!


Ariana Grande 

I’ve been a fan of her since here Victorious days and now even more so with hit smashes and influential songs like God is a Woman and Thank You, Next. She is paving the way for future female artists. She has been through ups and downs, lately unfortunately even more downs but she managed to take the pain and turned it into positivity. I’m so glad her latest single topped number one for three consecutive weeks. Congrats to her!

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

No real explanation needed. They are great together. The songs are amazing, I am still listening to them daily and I bought the soundtrack. Chemistry and emotion pours from the songs and it shows in their passionate vocals.

Shawn Mendes

I am so happy with his music, I’ve been a fan for about two years now and I absolutely love how he matures with his music. “In My Blood” may be my favourite song this year next to Shallow from A Star Is Born. He is more personal, intimate and powerful in his latest album. I can’t wait to see what he does next. I love how he took his anxiety and turned into such a powerful uplifting message, like Grande, I hope the best for him!

What are you thankful for this year in pop culture?


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