My Black Friday 2018 Experience.

Truth be told, this is my first time participating in such an event. In my country, this year was really the first to enforce it on our society with endless promotion. You would think I got only movies but in fact I actually didn’t get any movies. They didn’t have a good deal whatsoever. However the other products did have a fairly good reduction on price.

I got three books, two soundtracks and a funko pop. It totaled up to maybe €60 which rounds up to roughly $68. I’d say that’s a good bargain. There weren’t a lot of people rushing to buy stuff in complete savagery like in America. To be fair, it wasn’t really civil either, people were swearing, rushing from store to store before they close. Every country has it’s wild parts.

Surprisingly I didn’t even buy any movies. Right now I have a bit of Queen fever so  I bought a biographical book about Freddie Mercury called Somebody to Love, which by the way is the best possible title for a Freddie Mercury biography. Can’t wait to read it, I have to catch up on my reading before this because I have to much to read.

I also bought the last book Carrie Fisher wrote before tragically passing away, called The Princess Diarist, I’ve been meaning to buy it ever since I saw The Last Jedi last year but I couldn’t find it anywhere so when I saw it here I snatched it as fast as possible. She was really relaxed and charismatic when she spoke, for example in any interview she’s done. If the book is anything like that I’ll love it! I also bought a short hardcover Stranger Things book called How to Survive in a Stranger Things World. Not the best decision I made as it was just a kid’s book with some really cool artwork with a high price.

Then there was a store which sold albums, movies and geeky stuff so I spent a good half hour looking around, deciding what to buy. I ended up buying two soundtracks. As I mentioned I currently have Queen fever so I immediately bought the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack. Physical copies are still a thing people! Then next to it was the Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again soundtrack which I also nabbed. This summer was filled with ABBA and Queen music so these two were a no brainer.

Also if you’ve been following my blog long enough, firstly, thank you, second of all you would know that I love Voltron: Legendary Defender and Funko released their first line of pops in November. They are crazy expensive online and Voltron isn’t popular here so never would I think that this store would have all five!! I legit gasped out loud when I saw them. I only bought one because, money. I will be going back however. It’s also perfect because the final season is coming out next week!


So that’s it for my Black Friday experience. I’m curious, do you think Black Friday is a mindless scam or is it actually worth participating in? As for me I’m leaning more towards participating. It’s brilliant because since Christmas has become so materialistic people will do anything to get a reduction on any price. That’s money and business for ya!

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