New Disney Trailers Discussion!

Disney is clearly one of the biggest companies ever right now. With it’s animation department, it’s live-action movies together with Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar, it is bound to get crowded. Since Disney is releasing a movie almost every month, trailers are coming up all the time. The biggest three recently were those for Aladdin, Toy Story 4 and of course Avengers: Endgame.

1. Aladdin (2019)

The first trailer that came out was for Aladdin. Disney had to act fast to change a lot of minds because that special look caused a lot of damage. I predicted on Twitter that they would put snippets of the songs in the trailer which obviously worked. The fire has calmed down significantly. I still have some problems, one of them being Jafar who seems as threatening as a weasel.

On the bright side Alan Menken will return for the score and songs. The expanded score was my favourite part from the live-action Beauty and the Beast. Visually it looks a bit dark and dull in some scenes, in other scenes it looks colourful and vibrant. The “A Whole New World” snippet looked a bit dull and dark in my opinion however the songs sounds great. I think Will Smith will do a great job as the Genie, as for Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud I think they look great as the characters and they will most probably do a great job. I just hope autotune won’t be used this time.


2. Avengers: Endgame 

Considering Disney isn’t much footage apart from the first 20 minutes of Endgame I wasn’t that surprised with how little the trailer had to offer. There are a couple of new shots, there’s one with Rocket and War Machine, there’s one with Thor and Stormbreaker, there is also a tease at what looks like a cool scene involving Hawkeye/Ronin in a hall which is exploding. I am not a fan of the new suits, I don’t think they’re just space suits because they are using those suits in some of the marketing and it’s also the last thing before the logo. They tease a Captain Marvel and Thor team-up at the end.

Carol seemed off to me, she looked stiff and emotionless. I hope that’s not the case. I also really liked how they highlighted Clint and Natasha’s friendship in this trailer. A lot of fans suspect Steve will be the one to die in this movie and he is shown quite a couple of times throughout the trailer focusing more on him than any other Avenger. I really hope he doesn’t die. The MCU wouldn’t be the same without him.


3. Toy Story Disney_ToyStory_4_2019_v2.png

Even though I’m more of a fan of the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy than the Toy Story trilogy, I still like it a lot. I do think it’s a tad overhyped, I do think it ended perfectly as a trilogy and I also think that this fourth addition is a waste of time and money. Even the biggest of fans know that this is a cashgrab movie to advertise Disney’s new Toy Story Land. As a story it is basically the first one but with Bonnie instead of Andy. Also speaking of Andy how many times is this kid gonna change visually, he looks like a completely different character from the shot he was featured in the trailer.

The weird thing is that these movies don’t even feel like they are targeted at children anymore. They go way too deep in what a toy is and what it’s supposed to do, does Disney want children having existential crisis from a young age! Also toys aren’t even that popular anymore, I highly doubt that children are rushing to go see this.

Disney has quite the year planned, so far every movie planned to come out this year has had either a teaser and/or trailer except for Star Wars: Episode 9 which is a bit odd considering that’s one of their biggest franchises. I suspect we’ll get a trailer by two weeks. As for these three trailers, they all intrigued me in some shape or form, I am going to see all three clearly but it’s really jarring to see how Disney became this monster of a company, for better or for worse.

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