IT: Chapter Two – Teaser Discussion!

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for IT: Chapter Two is finally out. IT has redefined the horror genre for today’s audience and with a basically instant sequel confirmation, fans have been craving and wanting to see more of The Loser’s Club and Pennywise. Judging by this trailer I think we are in for one hell of a movie!

Firstly can we take a moment to appreciate the incredible advertising for this franchise. The tag “Witness the end of IT” is smart and it has a double meaning. The end of Pennywise and the end to this story. I remember when Warner Brothers advertised the first IT, red balloons were a necessity and I was wondering how they will play into this movie. Of course they thought of the perfect solutions, two red balloons! I am not being sarcastic, I genuinely thing it’s a great idea, it is simple but effective. This teaser has already garnered tons of fans on Twitter as it is trending at the top of the list. This first movie brought in non-horror movie fans like myself and by the end turned them into horror movie fans and it shows in the box-office and hype.

This movie will feature the adult version of The Losers’ Club which features some of the most talented actors of today. I have no doubt that the acting will be amazing. Just that little scene in the beginning of the teaser with Beverly (Jessica Chastain) and the old lady. I believed that she was Beverly from the first movie. James McAvoy and Bill Hader are also a massive win for this movie. Speaking of McAvoy, if you look at the top trending topics worldwide, he is trending! Apparently a horror movie is all you need to boost your career in Hollywood. I am glad it is happening to him though, he is an underrated actor. Hopefully this will be to him what A Quiet Place was to Emily Blunt.

A part of the charm of the first movie was how even though it was a horror movie, it also had a lot of humor and while I was watching this teaser I see that they incorporated the humor into this movie too. At first I was just flat out terrified, my heart was beating fast and as I mentioned, I kept pausing. However upon rewatching the trailer, I see how they kept the terrifying aspect of the supernatural but it’s still a cliched old lady who greets you with tea and cookies. They’re having fun and it’s important. Nowadays, while there is a lot of good horror, specifically in these last few years, they are serious thrillers. Another example of a comedic horror movie is Us which came out recently.

Speaking of humor, one of the many reasons why a lot of people loved Pennywise in the first movie was because of his theatricality and quirky nature despite being a supernatural child serial killer clown. This movie looks to go full clown as in the trailer he is seen to pop up here and there very eagerly, ready for revenge. Bill Skarsgard even said that Pennywise will be more vicious this time so he even he’s playing around he means business and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Quite literally.

One of my worries with this movie occurred to me when I was watching this teaser. When Beverly starts looking at the photos and she finds Pennywise in his supposed human form, the movie implies that there will be some backstory which could possibly Pennywise’s origin. On one hand, it is completely new information which differs from both the book and the miniseries. On the other hand it is explaining and giving us more information about Pennywise which is a bit of a problem. In horror movies, the less you know about the evil lurking, the scarier, my concern is that if we do get a backstory, he will lose his scare factor. I don’t think that will happen but it did cross my mind.

What did you think of the teaser?

Will you float to cinemas in September to see this movie?   WB_It_Chp2

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IT: Chapter Two comes out on September 6, 2019.

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