Comic-Con 2019: IT: Chapter Two Trailer Breakdown!

What a way to start off Comic-Con! The final trailer for IT: Chapter Two premiered a few days ago and it has everyone equally excited and terrified for the end of IT. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been waiting for this movie for so long and it comes out in less than two months! Now I am relatively new to the horror genre, in fact it was the first IT movie which got me into horror and this trailer didn’t really help. This movie looks terrifying, it’s like the first movie on horror steroids and yet I am still going to watch it.

This trailer sees the return of an angry, revengeful and incredibly hungry Pennywise. It appears that he will reign over Derry once again as there are missing child posters up on a wall. Not only that but we get a glimpse of a scene in which a teenager gets trapped in a flood under the sewers and we see a figure lending him a helping hand, only it is revealed to be Pennywise with his glowing eyes. I love it when the movie uses small things like yellow eyes glowing in the dark, less is more and it is incredibly effective.

We then hear Mike, the only Loser who stayed in Derry after the events of IT, explaining that something is not quite right. We see him explaining this to the adult Loser’s Club in a Chinese restaurant. He then reminds them of the blood oath they took at the end of the first movie and how they decided that if IT ever comes back, they’ll come back to defeat it together. I like the casting of the adult versions of these characters, I do hope they have the same chemistry with each other as the younger versions did.

The trailer then shows a hint of what’ll happen at the fair in the hall of mirrors. Now this year, fun fairs and carnivals have been shown quite a lot. They’ve been featured in Us, Toy Story 4, Stranger Things 3 and Shazam!, I hope this movie puts it’s own unique twist on this setting and provides an original and terrifying scene.

We then see adult Bill going into the Hall of Mirrors trying to find a young boy named Gabe. He then finds Gabe but is trapped by a glass, they both hear a creepy “hello!” and as the camera pans down we see a salivating Pennywise with his ridiculously long tongue out. He then gets up, starts laughing and pulls of some scary faces. Bill asks for mercy but from the looks of it, Pennywise isn’t the kind to give mercy especially if it involves eating a young boy. This scene was nail-biting, I can’t wait to see the full scene and I really hope that poor kid survives.

After that a ton of crazy stuff happens which are obviously meant to get the interest of those who read the novel or watched the miniseries. I have done neither of those so to me those fast glimpses of horror were just confusing, cool but confusing, so I can’t really comment on those but I really enjoyed the trailer and I can’t wait to see this movie. I am sure that it will terrify and scare the crap out of me and possibly give me nightmares!

Will you be floating to cinemas to see IT: Chapter Two?
What did you think of the Hall of Mirrors scene?
Are you absolutely done with fun fairs in movies?

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