Comic Con 2019: Most Anticipated TV Shows!

Comic-Con is a great chance to garner interest for a lot of TV shows whether they’re new or returning. Comic-Con 2019 did not disappoint as new looks at both new and returning shows promise an entertaining Autumn and Winter.

The shows which made the most headlines were The Witcher, Watchmen and Star Trek: Picard. I am not interested in both The Witcher or Watchmen. I could be persuaded with Watchmen but I am not interested in The Witcher whatsoever. As for Picard, I’ve never really been a Trekkie but I could see myself checking it out in a few years, if it does well. Without further ado, let’s start with number four.

4. The Flash: Season 6 (The CW)


I used to be the biggest fan of The Flash, I used to love Tuesdays because it meant a new episode of The Flash was coming out, it was the highlight of my week. I haven’t felt that way ever since 2016. I love Season 1, I like Season 2 a lot, Season 3 needs some work, Season 4 is almost unwatchable, as for Season 5, well I’ll let you know when I finish it. I’ve been binging it this month and I’m almost done so expect a review of that soon. This trailer, for Season 6 gave me hope. The show will be continuing with a new showrunner so there will be a lot of changes. The trailer even teased a change of tone which the show desperately needs. I am definitely intrigued and I will definitely be watching. I just hope they change that god-awful suit from Season 5.

Release Date: October 8, 2019

3. His Dark Materials: Season 1 (HBO)

download (17).jpg

A show with James McAvoy? I’m in! A show with Lin Manuel-Miranda? I’m In! A show with both James McAvoy and Lin Manuel-Miranda? Let me go buy that HBO streaming service right now! I am an incredibly huge fan of both McAvoy and Miranda so I don’t care what the show is about, I’ll be watching. Fanboying aside, the story peaked my interest and I do know that this show is based of a set of books which were even adapted as a movie in 2007. Even though I never watched The Golden Compass, I still oddly enough have a sense of nostalgia attached it. Also Dafne Keen is in this, so that’s a bonus.

Release Date: Fall 2019

2. Rick and Morty: Season 4 (Adult Swim)

I started watching this show when everyone was going crazy for Pickle Rick and McDonald’s Szechuan chicken nugget sauce in 2017. The seasons are pretty short so I caught up before Season 3 ended. I love this show, it’s crazy, hilarious and really clever and I can’t wait to see Season 4 has in store for us. This is really one of the few shows where I genuinely have no idea what’s going to happen. The show is incredible unpredictable and that’s why it’s one of the most popular shows right now and I have no doubt that even after a year and a half this show will return as great as ever.

Release Date: November 2019

1. My Hero Academia: Season 4 (Funimation)

I got into My Hero Academia last year and I regretted it so much that I didn’t start it earlier. Every episode, every character, the music, the writing, the animation is just equally amazing. I love this show so much and I am really happy this franchise is taking off incredibly well. The animation in the fourth season looks cinematic. I can’t wait to see where this season takes us on Deku’s journey to becoming the world’s greatest hero. When you love practically every aspect of a show, you can’t help but be incredibly excited to see more of it.

Release Date: October 12, 2019

Which shows are you excited for this fall? 
Are you interested in His Dark Materials?

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