Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood – Spoiler Talk!

Welcome to my Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood Spoiler Review! Here I’ll be talking about the movie in more detail and with spoilers I can talk more freely about the movie. If you haven’t seen Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood then go watch the movie and come back here however if I’m being honest you can probably figure out the twist on your own. You can still watch the movie, even after being spoiled, the experience won’t be ruined but you will lose the “surprise” element of the movie.

DISCLAIMER: I know Tarantino has his devoted fans so let me just say these are my honest opinions, I hope you can respect that! If you disagree, disagree respectfully, I will gladly have a conversation with any of you if you want to.

Without further ado, spoilers!

This movie has tons of odd and questionable choices. Certain critics claimed this movie to be extremely offensive and irresponsible in the way it treats the women in this movie, Bruce Lee and the Manson Murders. When it comes to the women in this movie, I do feel that Tarantino did make some odd choices. As I just mentioned Sharon puts her feet up in the cinema and her feet are dirty despite her wearing boots. Cliff’s wife was portrayed as a really impatient, ungrateful woman who complained so much that Cliff kill her. The fact that that sentence is real is just alarming. Other characters were bothered by it and it didn’t do the story any favors, so I ask, why? As for Bruce Lee, I’m not familiar with his legacy but I can understand why that scene might’ve upsetted some people.

Finally, The Manson Murders. I did my research on this tragedy, what The Mansons did to Sharon and her friends was disturbing and horrible so when I saw the big “twist” that they weren’t after Sharon but were after Cliff and Rick and they eventually beat them while drunk didn’t sit right with me. I felt something so uncomfortable sitting in the cinema watching people laugh as drunk Rick and Cliff beat the shit out of the Manson members. What made it especially worse was that I went with a friend who never even heard of the Manson Murders, had it not been me explaining what actually happened he wouldn’t have known what horrible things actually went down. I don’t know why Tarantino chose this particular event to twist. It came off as irresponsible and it took the movie off course. Cliff almost dies and we never know if he makes it out alive, it never shows us any closure to these characters, it just felt odd.

Now I did read an article saying that Tarantino chose The Manson Murders to twist around with so that audiences can associate Sharon Tate with the loving person she was in the movie and in real life and not the tragic fate that she had. This was a great idea until you realize not everyone is familiar with this relatively old tragedy. He also added that Sharon didn’t have a role in the movie, she was just this beaming ray of light that appeared every now and then. The inevitable and unfortunate connection between Sharon and the Manson family hurt this movie because while she as a character worked in this movie, the Manson family felt unnecessary but he couldn’t have had one without the other. It wouldn’t make sense to have Sharon Tate in your movie for no reason at all.

That’s it for this spoiler review! Overall I liked the movie and I can definitely see myself re-watching it but I’m not in a hurry to do so. It was good, it has a great elements and a lot of potential but it just didn’t stick the landing for me. If you want to read my spoiler-free review which goes more in-depth about why it didn’t completely win me over, I’ll put the link below!

SPOILER FREE REVIEW!: https://atomic-temporary-108617977.wpcomstaging.com/2019/08/30/__trashed-8/

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