Taylor Swift’s “Lover” REVIEW & Song Ranking!

Taylor Swift has recently released her seventh studio album titled “Lover” and I can’t stop listening to it. I listened to it the day it came out and I’ve been listening to it ever since to get a feel of which songs I like better and which I feel like I can skip. After giving my thoughts on the album I will rank the 18 songs in this album.

Thoughts on Album

I don’t really listen to that many albums, it has to be an artist I really like for me to listen to an album. The last couple times I’ve listened to albums I’ve experimented on the process. For example sometimes I listen to the album then I look up the lyrics. Sometimes I just listen to the songs without searching the lyrics. However I know Swift likes to tell stories in her music so I did some research, got the lyrics up and listened to every song, and analysed them. It made the album a much more enjoyable experience. I feel like I experienced the album the way it was intended to.

With “Lover” I actually formed a story with each song. Usually with other albums I would get a general feel of what the album is about and each song would add a layer to the subject. “Lover”, however was almost cinematic in it’s storytelling. Swift writes and performs with a tangible passion. It shocks me how she chose ME! and You Need To Calm Down as singles instead of a deeper song like Afterglow or The Archer.

To me the story starts during reputation. I feel like “I Forgot That You Existed” was Taylor basically saying how this person mistreated her but instead of dwelling on the sadness, she decided to literally take him out of her mind. She isn’t bothered. Then in “Cruel Summer” she finds love in the darkest moment in her life (Summer 2016) with Joe. She is not ready to go all in for this relationship, she’s being cautious. This track reminds me a lot of delicate from reputation. Just like in that song, she feels vulnerable and delicate. However she then confirms it to herself that she is in fact, madly in love with this person. He is her Lover as she calls him in the title track Lover. In this track , she refers to themselves as we many times, solidifying the relationship status. She’s praying that they’ll “always be this close”.


After Lover, its The Man. Here I see Taylor living her best life. She’s rich, healthy and in love but she can’t help but think if she would’ve gotten to this point quicker is she was a man. She imagines how the media and people would perceive her is she was a man. How they would bat an eye or even praise her for the things she did if she were male but because she’s not they call her out on it. This song is unfortunately very, very relevant today and I really hope it won’t stay that way. It’s 2019 goddammit! With The Archer I feel like it’s a summary of reputation. She is addressing her fame and what came with it. This and The Man go hand-in-hand, they also compliment each other very well sonically.

I Think He Knows acts like a flashback in the sense that this a song about a person’s attraction to her crush. She wants him and she doesn’t have to tell him but she thinks he knows. It’s a very upbeat and poppy kind of song which I love. It’s like a will they, won’t they situation, it’s very playful in that sense. Then comes Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince which if I’m being honest confuses me to this day. I could be 100% wrong on this but to me, this song symbolizes when a couple fight over politics. Politics is woven into the song and in the bridge she says that she doesn’t want to fight cause no is going to win. The next track Paper Rings goes back to the lyrical content of Lover. In this song she says she doesn’t need anything fancy for her to marry him. She just wants him. I like the 2000’s / indie vibe to this song, it makes it stand out.

The next two songs Cornelia Street and Death By A Thousand Cuts are her imagining what would happen if they broke up. How incredibly painful it would be for her, so painful that she would never go to Cornelia Street aka the street where they lived. The memories would be too much, it would feel like death by a thousand cuts. I love that she included these songs. Cornelia Street is one of my favourites. Happily ever after isn’t realistic, something could happen and it’s scary to think about that. She is so in love she can’t imagine the pain she would be in if something happened. That’s raw love (not like I have any experience hehey).

London Boy was perhaps the only song to make me smile so much. I know that her lover Joe is British and she obviously wrote this for him and it’s such a nice, sweet and heartwarming tune. She references how she absorbed some of that London life when she was with Joe and how happy that made her. The next track Soon You’ll Get Better is easily the most heartbreaking song on the album for me. She dedicated this song to her mom who was re-diagnosed with cancer this year in March. She talks about her coping process is. How she ends up praying because “desperate people find faith”, how she tries to forget about it by distracting herself with tasks. She eventually thinks of her relationship with her mother and what will happen to their talks if God forbid, something happens. I have a really close relationship with my mum so I can’t imagine the pain she must’ve felt during this time. This one really broke my heart, in fact I can’t really listen to it. It just makes me sad.


In False God she refers to her relationship with Joe as a false God but that they would still worship it. I love how the song sounds but lyrically this song confused me a bit as well so I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourites. In Afterglow, the relationship is struggling as a fight breaks out, and while she admits it was her fault, she is afraid it might be too late. I love this song so much, it’s written so well and sonically it sounds amazing. In It’s Nice To Have A Friend Taylor tells the story of two friends who’ve known each other since they were little and how they grew up, got closer and eventually married. I love how story based this song is. It stands out because of that and the sound which was created by children actually! The final track Daylight captures the spirit of the entire album. She refers to her low point and how she found love in Joe and how this love made her see daylight after all that darkness (reputation). She just wants to focus on this love. She ends the album and this song by saying “You Are What You Love” meaning you are defined by what you love not what you hate or what you are afraid of. It’s Love.

Overall I love this album I am currently waiting for it to come in the mail. I’ve been listening to it non-stop lately. Now enough about my thoughts, let’s get to my ranking!

Ranking of Songs

1. Afterglow
2. I Think He Knows
3. Daylight
4. Lover
5. The Man
6. Cruel Summer
7. The Archer
8. Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince
9. Cornelia Street
10. London Boy
11. It’s Nice To Have a Friend
12. Paper Rings
13. False God
14. ME!
15. You Need To Calm Down
16. Death By A Thousand Cuts
17. Soon You’ll Get Better
18. I Forgot That You Existed 

Of course these are my thoughts on the song and the album, I don’t mean to know what the songs mean and say that’s the only way this or that song should be perceived. These are just my thoughts. I am clearly not a therapist and I am NOT suggesting that these songs are exactly what Taylor felt or what she is wanting to say. Music is like art and movies, they’re all interpreted in different ways. This is my way. I hope you enjoyed this post, this was a first for me. If this post does well I’ll consider doing more! Go support Taylor Swift by purchasing this album from literally anywhere. If you can’t buy the album, streaming is free! It’s on YouTube and Spotify!

What was your favourite song on the album? List your ranking below in the comments!

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