IT: Chapter Two – SPOILER TALK!

While Pennywise waited 27 long years to see what has come of The Losers’ Club and how the final confrontation will turn out, we waited only two long years and what we saw did not disappoint! IT: Chapter Two is in cinemas now and it’s safe for the spoilers to float online so without further ado, time to float!

If you are looking for a particular spoiler to discuss you can skip right ahead! This acts more of a list than a spoiler review.

The Losers’ Club  IT2_LosersClub_EMOJI

This movie takes place 27 years after the events of IT (2017), now The Losers are all grown up and away from Derry (with the exception of Mike). I know the movie wanted to get The Losers’ Club back together as fast as possible but that resulted in a rushed segment of scenes to show where they are now. I feel like they could’ve established their adult lives in a better way. The movie doesn’t even address what Beverly’s life consists of besides her relationship to her abusive husband. Also the younger versions of The Losers’ Club appears in this movie in flashback scenes. I love the younger cast a lot so it was a welcome surprise whenever they appeared but the only flashback scenes that worked were the ones in the beginning and the ending. Those made sense, the other ones felt like deleted scenes from the first movie which shouldn’t have been deleted. They even slowed down the pace of the movie.

Even when it came to Stanley’s scene, even though it was done well, I especially liked how the music synced with the blood dripping, it’s straight from the book, it was really short. I feel like that scene would’ve benefited if it showed his wife’s reaction and the IT written in blood on the wall. It would’ve only cost a couple of seconds, I don’t know why it’s not there. Also the “twist” at the end when it was revealed that he did what he did to save them was a really odd choice. Suicide is never an act of heroism. Not only that but it would’ve benefited the movie if he did what he did because he was simply scared shitless. It would’ve been darker but it would’ve made more sense especially after his encounter with It in the first movie.

R + E IT2_LosersClub_EMOJI

Even though I love this movie, the one aspect which really truly blew me away was how they handled Richie being gay. Talk about LGBTQ+ representation, and in a horror movie of all movies! Who would’ve thought it? Since we know Richie from the first movie, him being gay and how he handled it only added another layer to his character, it didn’t become his defining quality. His dynamic with Eddie is one of the best aspects of these movies and it was a bold move to do this but it worked. It was never stated that it was romantic but there was something special there, from Richie anyways especially since we see that R + E carved in by Richie at the bridge.


When they defeat It and go back to check on Eddie who was gone by this point, Richie breaks down. From that point till the credits, I was a sobbing, ugly mess. I cried even harder when they comforted him in the lake. It was so tragic but so beautiful at the same time, the portrayal of love between the Losers’ and to have that extra layer or Richie and Eddie in there, it was icing on the cake. None of this would’ve been brought home the way it was if it weren’t for Bill Hader and James Ransone. They are amazing, easily the standouts of the movie. I even went back to the first movie and it was set up really well, Richie did always act different around Eddie, as if he were teasing him just to get his attention. Muschietti really excelled when it came to these two characters.

Pennywise / It IT_Two_Pennywise_2019_Emoji

For a sequel that promised to be darker and scarier, it sure had less Pennywise in it. The movie is nearly three hours so there was definitely time. The audience love the creepy monsters but they didn’t come to see the movie for them, the star is Pennywise the Dancing Clown and sadly he wasn’t utilized as well as he should’ve been. The most memorable scene he had apart from the stuff in the third act was the Hall of Mirrors scene which made my heart beat faster than it should. The view of Pennywise smashing his head on a mirror repeatedly is disturbing and interestingly enough, it’s not from the book. The “I Know Your Secret” scene is a mixed bag, it’s great because it’s definitely a Pennywise thing to do but it wasn’t scary whatsoever. I understand it being terrifying for Richie but we don’t feel that fear so it’s not really a scary scene. The scenes where he terrifies the younger versions of the Losers felt very out of place and unnecessary. There were some great scares though.

Also I have horrible arachnophobia so I was completely terrified by the thought of a gigantic spider at the third act but if I’m being honest Stan’s bloodied head with spider legs was immensely creepier than whatever form It took in the third act. All of this being said, this is never Skarsgard’s fault, we know he can be creepy as this character, it’s the weird atmosphere choices. A big part of horror is the atmosphere so aspects like setting, music, lighting and cinematography all contribute but in this movie they had him in plain daylight. However I do love how he toys with The Losers’ Club in the house at Neibolt Street, he was always a smart villain.

Homophobia in 2016 Derry  WB_It_Chp2_v2

After a small scene featuring the Losers, the movie opens in present time or at least 2016 in Derry. There is a fun fair going on which will be featured later on in the movie and it shows a Adrian and Don, a gay couple having fun until they are interrupted by a group of angry, homophobic Derry teens who don’t want Derry to include any “fairies”. They beat the couple senselessly and throw Adrian in a river all bloodied and leave. When Don gets up and tries to find Adrian, he finds Pennywise holding him and then ripping and eating his heart out. The scene then ends.

I had heard about this scene being the opening scene in the movie and that it was described as very hard to watch so I decided to read the book version of that scene and it was pretty hard to absorb. Stephen King included this scene to portray the fact that not Pennywise is not the only monster that haunts Derry. Evil can lurk in humans too such as these homophobic teens and Henry Bowers and his crew. The only relevance this scene has to the story is to show that Pennywise is back. However it worked in the book and once again it works in the movie. Muschietti made the smart move of making this the first scene. It explores the dark side of Derry and just like Don said, it’s a small town with small minded people. It’s a great opener to the movie, it reminds the audience of the fact that evil can be everywhere not just in fiction thanks to the unfortunate relevance of the scene in today’s society.

What did you enjoy the most about IT: Chapter Two?

Do you think this is the scariest half of this duology?

What do you think about Richie’s arc in this movie?


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