The Stories Behind The Radio Hits| It All Begins With A Song REVIEW!

It All Begins With A Song is directed by Chusy and it is a music documentary about one of music’s most important locations in the world, Nashville. The movie features interviews and stories from songwriters who have written incredible radio hits like Livin’ On a Prayer, Party In The U.S.A and Jesus Take The Wheel. It stars Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Kacey Musgraves and Mag Davis.

As someone who has been fascinated by movies and has been writing for two and a half years, it meant the world to me that TriCoast Entertainment asked me personally to check this movie out. I am very honoured by that and it made those two and a half years mean something even greater to me. So thank you TriCoast Entertainment, this was a dream come true. Be sure to catch the premiere of It All Begins With A Song on UpTV on June 1st.

If you had to ask me what my other favourite thing in the world was beside movies, it’s music. I remember once seeing a promo for Baby Driver where it said that it uses music like we use oxygen and that line stuck with me. Music is an incredibly powerful thing, it is a guarantee that when you listen to a song you like, you will instantly feel better, it feeds the soul. During this tough time, I have looked to music quite aggressively, I have been listening to hours worth of music everyday and loving every second of it. When the concept of a movie about the stories behind some of the most famous songs we’ve heard over the years came to me, my interest was peaked.

With it’s first few moments and especially in it’s first act, It All Begins With A Song tells you all about Nashville and why it is considered as a great place for musicians. To me, this was very interesting as the only time I have ever heard of Nashville was when I looked up a fried chicken recipe. The movie made it very clear that Nashville’s people are very much a community and music is the language that connects them all. They even have places in banks where singers can perform, that goes to show how important music is to this city. I really felt the love from this community and it is really one of the movie’s strongest elements. Unfortunately what follows is a rather forgettable second act. 

The first act was all about introducing Nashville and interviewing songwriters to share their experiences. The second act follows that to a tee losing momentum. I wasn’t all that engaged because it felt like more of the same and I feel like if the documentary were shorter, then it wouldn’t really be a problem. While watching it, I kept thinking how much better it would’ve been had it been a podcast with these songwriters. An hour long podcast with some great question would’ve suited the concept however I do understand that they needed to show Nashville so it couldn’t have been done. Nevertheless It All Begins With A Song hits all the right notes in it’s third act bringing the themes of music, life and love together with a spectacular story. 


To me, this movie is at it’s strongest when it talks about how songs are originated from real life and how they affect people on another level when released. This is shown multiple times throughout the movie but it’s taken to an eleven in the third act. Two songwriters write a heartbreaking song about grief after listening to a radio interview where a father was describing his grief about his son. It was all due to chance that this songwriter listened in and felt the need to tell this story in music form. The song goes on to be a hit and when wondering if this father heard it, the movie does something incredible which I would liken to an episode of NBC’s This Is Us only this time it’s real. 

Overall It All Begins With A Song is a movie with heart and soul and it will bring you to tears with it’s raw, beautiful ending. It is definitely worth checking out if you love music and chances are, you do. The stories it tells and the journey they show are incredibly uplifting and inspiring and right now that is something we desparately need. I would like to thank TriCoast Entertainment for this opportunity once again and to remind you that the digital premiere of It All Begins With A Song will be held on UpTV on June 1st so today!


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