The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 4 | SPOILER REVIEW!

We are officially halfway done with the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ as the fourth episode hit our screen this week. After the detour of the last two episodes came to an end, we follow Mando and The Child as they venture back to Nevarro to repair the ship. We meet up with a few familiar faces to go on another adventure. ‘Chapter 12 / The Siege’ is directed by Carl Weathers.

This is the second time I’m reviewing a full season, episode by episode and I anticipated my reviews to be more exciting and chock-full of juicy spoilers but the truth is, it has been anything but that. Don’t get me wrong I love ‘The Mandalorian’ and I loved this episode but there really isn’t anything worth getting excited to write about this season, besides the premiere. It’s basically become a weekly gossip session for Star Wars fans. I mentioned how I love and adore how the show takes it’s time and has a lot of filler and I am still very much a firm believer in that but it just doesn’t make for exciting weekly coverage. That being said, I know that next week we are gonna have quite the exciting episode to geek out about.


This week we get another heist episode after last week’s heist episode which is quite the odd choice. On that note I did enjoy this episode more than last week’s episode for the simple fact that there was more meat on this bone this time around. It was not only a longer episode but it was a more entertaining episode overall. I love the return of Cara Dune and Greef and I love how they brought back the criminal from the pilot, he was hilarious. I really love how we left Cara Dune in this episode, it made me want an origin episode for her and I do hope that she does accept that badge. I was so surprised to see that Carl Weathers directed this episode. His interactions with the criminal were hilarious, him continuously telling him to hurry up and him just trying his best, it was genuinely funny to me. I hope they all return at some point in the next four episodes. We do get more information and puzzle pieces for the story and I have to say I’m getting mighty excited for a non-filler episode! The best way to describe this episode is semi-filler.


The one constant this show maintains are the incredible visual effects, the sequence with those troopers chasing after Cara and Greef was spectacular. The way the shots were composed together with the visual effects, it’s literally the best possible television adaptation of a Star Wars story. My mind is blown every week with the amount of passion put into how the show looks and sounds, the score is also incredible. It’s what makes going to a different location each episode so exciting to watch. 

Baby Yoda redeemed himself this episode after the ridiculous egg scandal. I cannot believe a fictional baby had a scandal but here we are and he definitely redeemed himself. He was so damn cute in this episode. The opening scene with him trying to put the wires where Mando was telling him to was pure Star Wars gold. It was so adorable but also hilarious, it was literally just pure dopamine. Also whoever got the idea for space macaroons and to make a bit out of them and Baby Yoda, I hope they get a raise. Whoever came up with the space school AND putting Baby Yoda in there, double the raise. This episode glowed with Baby Yoda cuteness. 


As of writing this it’s three in the morning so I’m going to cut the review short, that being said I feel like I got everything I wanted to say out so I was gonna stop here either way. I got a couple exciting reviews coming in the next couple of weeks so be sure to look out for those and if you just read my Mando reviews, I’ll see you next week! Till then, this is the way.

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