a very chill ‘folklore: the long pond studio sessions’ review.

Here we are again, talking about none other than Taylor Swift for the third time this year. Glad to see you again fellow Swifties, let’s get a cup of wine, get comfy and talk about the ‘folklore: the long pond studio sessions’ movie.

When it comes to concert movies I’m not a huge fan and I’ll tell you why. I hate watching performances for a long period of time. I enjoy watching one here and there but watching two hours worth of performances doesn’t scream a good time to me. It is the one of the two reasons I have yet to watch the ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ movie on Netflix. I know, I know just revoke my Swiftie card right here and now. That being said the other reason was that I wanted to find the right time to watch it. I wanted to be alone in my room so I could scream the lyrics out with Taylor for two hours straight and God knows, my family being around would not allow that. Watching a Taylor Swift concert movie is a whole different experience because you know that you are going to be entertained. Yes, I know I literally said that I haven’t watched the ‘reputation’ movie but to be fair it is over two hours, I’m just finding the right time. Watching this movie felt like a self-care moment so I wanted to save it but last night I finally had time to watch it so I sat down and the following hour and forty-five minutes were pure serenity and peace. I LOVED this movie.

In my ‘folklore’ review, I did say the album needed to grow on me and it has immensely, the more I listened to it the more I fell in love with it. ‘seven’ and ‘the lakes’ are easily my favourite tracks and ‘invisible string’ and ‘august’ are also top tier. I still feel the last third of the album is a bit weak but nonetheless, it’s a fantastic album, I couldn’t wait to watch this movie. Going into it I was a bit nervous that I would get a bit bored towards the end of the movie because of tracks like ‘epiphany’, ‘peace’ and ‘hoax’ which are at the bottom of my ranking. Surprinsgly I never lost attention, I thoroughly enjoyed this concert, in fact I was dreading the movie ending because I was having such a fun time.


Taylor Swift performing the songs off her latest studio album, ‘folklore’.

What is probably my favourite aspect of this movie was seeing Taylor perform these songs for the first time. I love the lyricism in ‘folklore’ so much, it’s insane. It gave me the same feeling I had when I saw ‘Hamilton’ for the first time. I wasn’t necessarily jealous of their talent, I was more thinking along the lines of ‘how did you come up with that lyric and that analogy’. It genuinely boggles my mind with how talented some people are. While all the performances were fantastic, there were a couple that stood out to me. The ‘cardigan’ performance was incredible, I will never get tired of listening to that chorus. The ‘my tears richocet’ and ‘mad woman’ performances were filled to the brim with passion, you could hear the emotion in every lyric. Lastly the ‘this is me trying’ performance almost made me emotional, she sang the song with such emotion, she put on a performance, she acted the lyrics out. It made me look at the song in a completely different way.

I really loved the inbetween conversations that Taylor had with Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner. I love how this didn’t feel artificial or rehearsed, it felt like a genuine conversation between friends. I do wish they were a bit longer but we get what we get and we are thankful nevertheless. I loved the ‘betty’ trilogy discussion and how it was co-writtewn by Joe! I did not know that, that’s so fucking cute what the hell. Also, yes, James was indeed foolish and it was interesting to hear her say that she and Betty ended up back together. I mean it makes sense, the song (‘betty’) does sound like something you would hear in a 2000’s rom-com in the last act, it gives me that energy. Also I love how they snuck in ‘the lakes’, it is SUCH a better closing track than ‘hoax’, even Taylor low-key admitted it as she referred to it as the proper ending.

Overall I am very to be a Swiftie in 2020, with ‘Miss Americana’, ‘folklore’ and now this, we are truly being fed. I loved writing this more relaxed review, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

What was your favourite moment from the ‘folklore: the long pond studio sessions’ movie?

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