The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 6 | SPOILER REVIEW!

Things are heating up in ‘The Mandalorian’ as we get to the final three episodes of the season. Last week, Ashoka advised Mando to take Grogu to Tython so that he can reach out to a Jedi who can train him. Unfortunately once they do reach Tython, they find a couple surprises waiting for them, the anticipated return of two villains, Boba Fett and Moff Gideon! ‘Chapter 14: The Tragedy’ is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Every week when it comes to watching a new episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ the first thing I do is check the runtime. So far with the exception of two episodes, this season has been incredibly short with episodes lasting little under half an hour. It’s really odd for a show this ambitious and grand to shorten it’s episodes to such an underwhelming length. While I did binge the first season, it had a noticeably higher runtime for most of it’s episodes. Having to wait a week to only get half an hour is a bit underwhelming. It didn’t really help that this episode was incredibly predictable as well. Overall this season has been very odd, it doesn’t really follow the usual set of rules shows like it do. That being said, outside of it’s flaws, this episode was pretty good.

Despite this season not being over yet, there is a very clear difference between this season and the previous one. My question is, what will the show stick with in terms of story? The first season was very grounded and atmospheric, it was a great exploration of the rich world of Star Wars. This season delves a lot more into the Jedi lore and the Force. So far the story this season has revolved around finding a Jedi to teach Grogu which makes perfect sense. However, in the long-run how much will we focus on Mando and how much will we focus on Grogu. I feel like this season there has really only been one standout and it was Grogu. In the first season they felt like equals in terms of attention given to them by the story. I already have a theory in mind of where Season 3 could start which would give Mando some much needed space to grow and develop as a character. Basically what I’m trying to say is that instead of this becoming ‘The Baby Yoda Show’, let’s all remember who the show is actually named after.

I felt like this episode really did a disservice to what a great fighter Mando is. He made some very dumb mistakes in this episode which could’ve easily prevented the Empire from taking Grogu. He left the jet pack on the ground instead of reattaching it and he left Grogu defenseless despite saying he’s going to protect him. It was very odd and out of character. This was also the first time I ever felt like Pedro Pascal wasn’t actually the one in the suit, so far the show has done a seamless job but this episode genuinely felt off and it wasn’t until Beyond The Trailer’s Grace Randolph pointed it out in her review. In fact overall the episode was very lacking compared to every other episode. This is easily one of my least-favourite episodes of the show so far. The location wasn’t particularly memorable, the plot was eye-rollingly predictable and it just didn’t satisfy me at all. If I’m going to wait a week to watch a new episode of ‘The Mandalorian’, I want it to be worth waiting for, I truly don’t know why Disney+ just doesn’t drop the entire season to binge.


Now time to talk about Boba Fett! I hope to God we don’t get a spin-off. We don’t need a goddamn spin-off for every character. We don’t need a Boba Fett spin-off, we don’t need an Ashoka spin-off and we don’t need a Bo Katan spin-off. I can understand an Ashoka spin-off but at this point why not just give her her own movie? What is stopping them from doing it? As for Boba Fett, I truly feel like Star Wars finally righted a wrong with bringing back Boba Fett. It’s insane to me how they repeated history with Captain Phasma, it’s mind boggling to me how they managed to do the exact same mistake twice. I feel like this episode did to Boba Fett what ‘Rogue One’ did to Darth Vader. His scenes were that good. I hope he sticks around for the remaining two episodes and I hope that he returns on the show someday but I just don’t know if I’m interested in a whole spin-off dedicated to him. especially when we sorta already have a cooler one right now!

Overall those are my thoughts on this week’s episode of ‘The Mandalorian’, I hope the next two episodes pick up the pace and actually offer something as grand and special as the final two episodes from the first season. Unfortunately Taika Waititi isn’t involved in the last two episodes, at least not to my knowledge but let’s see where this show takes us! Until next time, this is the way!

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