my job cost me the ‘No Time To Die’ ending | storytime

Working in a movie theatre this past summer has proven to be quite an interesting experience. Not only am I the only guy who genuinely gets excited when new posters are put up but I’m also invested in how movies are essentially brought to the public. It’s so funny too because I would’ve given anything to experience a movie in a theatre during this pandemic and yet I returned to the multiplex not as a viewer but as an employee. It’s actually very funny when you think about how random the odds of that happening are. It’s even funnier when you realize that despite the fact that I’m helping other people experience movies theatrically, I’m usually one of the last ones to watch said movies. I have yet to experience a movie with a packed audience because, by the time I watch them, the hype has severely dialled down. However, thanks to a nauseous girl, I got to experience the final ten minutes of ‘No Time To Die’ with a packed audience and the funniest part of it all is that I have never seen a single James Bond movie in my life. I was planning on binging Daniel Craig’s movies to watch and review this movie and I still might but holy shit.

SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR spoilers for ‘No Time To Die’ will be discussed! You have been warned.

Ironically enough, Daniel Craig’s James Bond found plenty of time to bite the dust. Yes, as sad and as shocking as it is, James Bond actually dies in his latest entry. Let me walk you through the entire thing. Fun fact about Maltese theatres is that we still do intermissions! I get a call from my supervisor telling me to come outside the big theatre playing ‘No Time To Die’. Long story short, a girl got sick outside the entry so we couldn’t let the audience come through the usual exit, we had to escort them to the other exit. He got me and another guy to wait in the theatre to guide the audience. I was under the impression we were entering the movie a couple minutes before intermission, however, as I sat there watching the movie an overwhelming sense of disbelief washed over me.

I enter the theatre, James Bond has just killed someone, the gunshots echo through the audience. With a pretty gnarly wound, Bond communicates with his lover via radio, ready to say goodbye. At this point, the room was filled with dread and disbelief and it was at this point where I was convinced that I was in fact, watching the ending. The reactions from the characters were pointing towards a very likely outcome and to tell you the truth there were people who actually got up and left, not many but a noticeable amount. After he utters his final words, the missiles hit the island James Bond is currently on, killing him in the process. As the audience starts mumbling among themselves, the movie wastes no more time and quickly dishes out two brief scenes, one signalling the grief from his colleagues and the final scene signalling Bond’s legacy as his partner shares his stories with their child. The movie then rushes to the credits. One person clapped and then other people followed after a slight delay. The cheers however stopped almost immediately as everyone started voicing their distaste of Bond’s farewell, claiming that he didn’t need to die. Every audience member looked so clearly exhausted and overwhelmed, it was honestly shocking. After the very short credits come to a close, a rather distasteful tagline appears claiming that “James Bond Will Return”. I say distasteful because Craig’s farewell wasn’t really given enough time to be processed. The movie genuinely didn’t spend any more than two scenes following his death. Seeing that tagline gave the impression that he is returning. Now I know that Daniel Craig isn’t returning but these people didn’t.

I obviously won’t critique the movie based on ten minutes of footage however this will clearly alter my opinion of the movie when I eventually do get to see it. It is very interesting to me though, how much I do have to say about the movie despite having seen so little of it, after all, it’s a whopping two hours and forty-five minutes. It hasn’t come out in the US yet, it hasn’t even been a week since its release so it definitely feels disappointing to know the climax of a series I was eager to start. It is what it is and that is my job. I still plan to watch the movies and talk about them but I feel like I had to talk about this hilarious story like again, what are the odds? Actually, this job seems to always defy that question because the shit the goes on is on another level. That being said, I feel really grateful to be working in a place that honours my passion and to actually be a part of the movie world. I’ve learned so much and I’ve made such great friends over these past few months, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

That’s really it for this post, it’s more of a low-key, storytime type of thing, I just thought this story was too good not to share. I will see you very soon with new reviews for movies I hope I won’t get spoiled! Also if any of you work in a movie theatre, I would love to hear some similar stories!

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