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Hi! My name is Owen, I am the writer on The Write Up Site. I am 19 years old and this is basically how this site came to be and where my inspiration came from. I use the alias ‘Filmaholic’ because I don’t like to reveal much about myself online and I like that name. It was actually given to me by a fellow student back in secondary school and it just stuck with me ever since.

It’s a common thing to say you grew up loving movies but I started to really understand what a good movie is and learning what makes a movie ‘good’  when I started seeing movie reviews on Youtube like Chris Stuckmann or Jeremy Jahns. From then on I started to go out of my comfort zone of animation and comic-book movies to more genres like horror and sci-fi. I started to see smaller films like Whiplash and started to really understand how much a movie, characters and a good story can affect someone. Where I come from it’s pretty rare to find someone that watches smaller movies and is open-minded about the art of film. So this way I am reaching to everyone!

Without these people, I wouldn’t be doing this so I am really grateful for their channels and their helpful content. Chris Stuckmann and Grace Randolph specifically really helped opening my mind to the vast world of cinema. Thanks to Stuckmann I am putting in an effort to watch more anime and I have! Also, if it wasn’t for him I would have never seen The Nice Guys and that’s crazy to me because I love the movie. Thanks to Randolph I am now fascinated with the business aspect of movie-making. I truly find it fascinating how much there is to actually making a movie and how the audience is inadvertently a part of the final project. I have been following these two for over six years now and I am still a huge fan of both. I am really proud of Stuckmann and his short film and I am loving the Beyond The Trailer live streams every week.

The purpose of this page is not only to thank these creators but also to inspire fellow cinephiles! I was just like you, a film buff watching movie reviews on youtube and always wishing I could have an outlet for my passion. Luckily I also really love writing and the two really suited each other. I started this blog back in February 2018 and honestly, I don’t remember how, I just did it and now I look back and regret how I didn’t start sooner. My advice to you reading this is that if you have a dream then start manifesting it. I always wanted to talk about movies and shows and I’m doing that now, I never cared for the views because it was a genuine joy for me to write my reviews. My first year on this blog I only got 600 views in total. As of August 2020, I currently have 3,181 views which is insane to me. I still don’t care that much about views, I do love that people are reading my content though. I honestly cannot imagine my life without this blog, it has given me a sense of purpose and it has been insanely fun to bring my hat into the ring with my own ideas.

Links to my favourite YouTube cinephiles: