‘Prey’: A Highly Satisfying Primal Brawl.

It is quite unfortunate that one of the year's best blockbusters did not get a theatrical release, even more so when it is unanimously hailed as the best movie in its franchise since the original. After a rocky number of sequels and even failure in a crossover franchise, the 'Predator' franchise tried returning to the … Continue reading ‘Prey’: A Highly Satisfying Primal Brawl.

‘Castlevania’ Delivers An Unbelievably Glorious Finale.

Netflix's 'Castlevania' emerges from the darkness one last time with its fourth and final season. Creator Warren Ellis and his crew have come together to create a mighty satisfying, jaw-dropping epic with the ambition of a theatrical blockbuster. If there ever was a case of something too good to be true, this final season just … Continue reading ‘Castlevania’ Delivers An Unbelievably Glorious Finale.

Watching ‘Mortal Kombat’ Despite Never Having Played The Games.

Growing up everyone had a passion for something and going to an all-boys school meant that it had to be either football or video-games. For better or worse, I wasn't a fan of either. I was the raging cinephile in a sea of desensitized football player trading-card collectors. The only games I played growing up … Continue reading Watching ‘Mortal Kombat’ Despite Never Having Played The Games.