Solo: A Star Wars Story – Trailer Discussion!

I love the Star Wars universe, (can you sense a but coming) BUT I wasn’t anticipating this movie when the teaser came out. The trailer did sort of change my mind. I mean I felt like Rogue One wasn’t necessary and now I think it’s one the smartest movies in the saga. I do like Han Solo as a character, who doesn’t? It’s just don’t think that he needed a prequel film but I am staying optimistic about this. I would actually like to see Han and Chewie in their golden days. One thing which I loved about the trailer was that it set the look of the film already. Just like Rogue One this is going to look bold and fresh, not saying that Force Awakens and Last Jedi don’t but I like to separate the sequels from the new prequels. Lando played by Donald Glover looks like he will steal every scene he’s in. Not too keen on Emilia Clarke’s character although, she feels like the character that’s just going to be there for the sake of being there. Also the end of the trailer shows a scene where Han is trying to save Chewie from apparent danger which I think will be a problem for this movie. We already now how the characters end up so it will be hard for them to try to make a scene intense by putting a character in peril when we know they’ll end up safe. In the end I’m still going to see this so I’ll try to stay optimistic about it and go in open minded.

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in the UK on the 24th of May 2018.

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